December 10, 2014

Free Pattern with Kheops par Puca Beads

I have gratefully received some generous quantity of Kheops® beads from Puca of Les Perles de Puca. Thanks so much, Puca!

I am fascinated by the creativity these ingeniously designed, two-hole triangular beads had burst. I have seen many wonderful designs Puca and other designers came up with using this bead, and there are still so many potential designs hidden in it! Can't wait to try some new designs with them.

The Desert Sun beaded component is made with Kheops beads, Japanese seed beads and Swarovski crystal Rivoli stone, and it can be used as a pendant, as a ring and even as earrings. 

I'd like to "pass forward" Puca's generosity, by sharing this project I designed with her beads for free. * Hope you enjoy making it! 

* Please do not post the pages of this free tutorial on other sites - if you want to share it, please share the link to this blog.

** If you want to teach this free beading project in your classes, please pass it forward to your students and teach it for free, too!

Happy Beading!

"Desert Sun" Pendant / Ring 
made with Khéops® par Puca® 

December 03, 2014

Flirt in Skirt Reversible Pendant with Two-Hole Dagger Beads

I have a new beading tutorial - Flirt in Skirt Reversible Pendant - a sparkling pendant made with Czechmate two-hole dagger beads (just look at the gorgeous colors and finishes these dagger beads have!), Swarovski crystal beads and Japanese seed beads.

The tutorial for this pendant is now on Pre-order sale of 20%, until December 5 - the price is now $6.56, instead of $8.20 regular price (for a tutorial for commercial use, please email me a request).

Listing of this sale is available in both my Etsy and Artfire shops.

I will send the PDF file by email after the sale is over (on December 6).

September 20, 2014

2-in-1 Beading Tutorial - Bracelet Double Diamond and Lacy Braid

I so love it when it happens to me, that when I design something new, the design evolves and I see more options hidden in it.  As always, I am happy to share any design ideas I have for the same project, so Lacy Braid & Double Diamond Bracelets is actually a 2-in-1 bracelet pattern, which includes all information you need to know for making the two bracelet designs. This is a fun project and I think you will love the 3D profile of the Double Diamond bracelet!

The Double Diamond bracelet is made with seed beads, Superduo beads  and Swarovski crystal beads. 
Lacy Braid bracelet is made with Superduo beads (Twin beads can work here, too) and seed beads only, but if you like the Bling, you can substitute some seed beads for crystal beads... 

The tutorial is available in both my Etsy and Artfire shops. 

For the next two days only, I have a
 20% coupon code 
use coupon code*:   TWOINONE20
on checkout

September 20 - 22

* For the commercial use tutorials, 
use coupon code:   2IN1COM20
** On Artfire PDF file is sent to you by email

Double Diamond Bracelets

Double Diamond Bracelets

September 14, 2014

Autumn Colors Necklaces

These are two necklaces I made recently. The center part of the first necklace is something I made a few years ago , as part of a necklace I entered to one of Etsy Beadweavers monthly challenge, but I wasn't really sure I liked how it turned out. 
I've put the necklace aside until I figured out how to change it.. It took a while until I found the right beads and other materials to combine the crocheted part with, but I finally made it, and I am very pleased with the new design.... 

The other necklace I beaded especially for Beth, a dear friend who lives on the other side of the world.
A few years ago, when I only started out my Etsy shop, she contacted me and asked about some clasps that I used for my bracelets. We had a few conversations, and then she told me that she had a lot of jewelry making supplies she received from a family member. I asked if I could buy some from her, but she kindly and so generously wanted to give them to me as a gift. She sent me large heavy box, full with many kinds of beads and other fun stuff! 
I used some of the beads she sent me back then in this necklace I made for her, and I am so glad she wrote and said loved it!  Hugs & love to you my friend Beth! 

August 14, 2014

Twisted Daggers Delight Necklace

New beading tutorial is available - for a bib style or full-length necklace, using twisted daggers, glass pearls and seed beads. This is quick to make and fun beading project!

The beading pattern is available in both my Etsy and Artfire shops.

August 06, 2014

Night in the Palace Bracelet

Night in the Palace is my latest bracelet design. The bracelet is made with Swarovski crystal beads, glass pearls and Miyuki seed beads.

I had so much fun designing it, using somewhat unusual thread paths, which allow making the bracelet in one continuous path. Although it has an intricate look and it may look complicated to make, you will be surprised at how fast this bracelet works!

The beading tutorial for this bracelet is available in my Etsy and Artfire shops.

July 13, 2014

Sparkling Water Lily - New Beading Tutorial

Lately there are so many new shapes of beads coming to the market one after another, that I can hardly keep up!  I recently ordered some SuperUno beads, gum drops, two-hole lentil beads and twisted daggers, which I am yet to play with, but there are already new shaped beads that I need to get my hands on, like pellets, Bibo, Pip beads... I guess that the more there are, the merrier! I love experimenting new designs and possibilities with the new bead shapes... It gives my beading creativity a boost! 

My latest project - Sparkling Water Lily -  is made with Starman's Czechmate two-hole triangle beads, Swarovski crystal bicone beads and Japanese seed beads.  
It is a dimensional beaded component, that can be used as a pendant, as a connector beaded bead or for an elegant ring. 

Another design with these beautiful triangle beads is in the works and I hope to be able to finish it as soon as I get more of these beautiful triangles in other colors. 

The tutorial for the 3 design options of Sparkling Water Lily, is available in both my Etsy and my Artfire shops.

A Necklace Made with
Sparkling Water Lily Beaded Connector Beads

Sparkling Water Lily Pendant

Sparkling Water Lily Ring 

July 04, 2014

Parallels Bracelet - New Beading Tutorial for Unisex Bugles Bracelet

A new beading tutorial for a bracelet called "Parallels" is available. Parallels is a bracelet made with Japanese bugle and seed beads and with accent beads. The variable beads in the center can make the bracelet fit both women and men. It's a fun beading project with lots of possibilities!

All the necessary information about sizing and changes you may have to make with different center beads is included in the tutorial (and, of course, as always, I am only a few clicks away if you need any help!).

June 04, 2014

Beading Tutorials and Patterns On Sale, June 5-7

I am having a sale in both my Etsy and Artfire shops

40% off all beading tutorials and patterns
June 5 - 7

Please use coupon code JUNE40TUTO
on checkout to receive the discount

May 24, 2014

Pre Order Sale Beading Tutorial for Fringe O Bling Reversible Bracelet

A new bracelet beading tutorial is available for Fringe O Bling Reversible Bracelet.

The bracelet, which is stitched in one continuous path, is made with Czech O beads, Swarovski crystal beads and seed beads. One side of the bracelet has a textured layer of O beads, and the other side has (almost blinding) bling!

I am having a PRE ORDER 20% SALE, from now until May 31 - buy this tutorial at $6.4 instead of $8 (the price will go up to $8 on June 1st).

You can pre order the pattern now and in the meantime get some beautiful O beads on Etsy.

The PDF file tutorial will be emailed to your PayPal account on June 1st.

April 21, 2014

O-LaLa Bracelet and Necklace

O-LaLa bracelet and necklace - a new beading project using Czech glass O beads, Swarovski crystal beads, Japanese drops and seed beads.  I really love the texture created by using the O beads!

The combined tutorial, for the bracelet and the necklace is available in both my Etsy and Artfire shops.

April 10, 2014

New Beading Tutorial - Adina, Aliza & Atara - Three Necklaces / Ropes

I can hardly believe it myself, but I finally finished the tutorial I started working on back in September 2013 and discovered it on my computer not long ago...
Somehow, while trying to work on two tutorials at a time (the other one was the Nona Bangle tutorial, a design I just had to make right away after getting filled with inspiration from one of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork beautiful bracelet designs), I had completely forgotten about this one.  I guess I should always work on one project at a time, no matter what distracts me...

The tutorial is for three necklaces / ropes / chains (whatever you prefer to call them) in different thicknesses, beadwoven with Japanese seed beads, Superduo beads, fire polished beads...

I gave the necklaces Hebrew names, that pretty much describe them: Adina, Aliza & Atara. If you are you wondering what is the meaning of these names, here it is:
Adina means fine, dainty, delicate… Aliza means jovial, happy, cheerful… and Atara means a diadem, a crown… 

Adina, Aliza & Atara Necklaces

Another tutorial I listed today in my shops is the Hojas Lace bracelet - it is an old bracelet pattern that was originally published in the October 2009 issue of Beadwork magazine as "Pewter Lace".

And last thing.... The pre-order sale of "ShangriLa" is still on... You can purchase the tutorial for it at 20% discount until April 19. I will send the PDF file by email after that date.

April 05, 2014

Shangri-La - Reversible Pendant / Earrings / Connector Beaded Bead - Pre Order the Tutorial

Shangri-La is a new beading project I designed using Piggy beads, Miyuki Tila beads, Japanese seed beads and Swarovski crystal beads.
This design offers many possibilities - you can make a reversible pendant, reversible connector beaded bead or make a pair of earrings. The beaded component can be made in various length, according to the purpose and to your preferences.

I am running a 20% discount PRE-ORDER sale of this beading tutorial for the next two weeks. The PDF file will be sent to you BY EMAIL(using the email address provided by PayPal, unless you note otherwise) on APRIL 19.

You can now purchase the personal use edition of the tutorial at $6.40 instead of $8.
The commercial use edition of the tutorial is now offered at $16 instead of $20. Prices goes up after the sale ends, on April 19.

In the meantime, if you haven't bought any yet, you can search Etsy for Piggy beads in a wide range of beautiful colors and finishes...

March 22, 2014

Filigree Style Necklaces

 Bib Style Necklace, Filigree Style Design 
with Pearls, Swarovski Crystal Beads and Rose Montees

Flower Pendant Chain Necklace
with Pearls, Swarovski Crystal Drops and Rose Montees

March 06, 2014

Bugles on the Border Bracelet

After quite a long break, I have finally designed and finished a new bracelet. Beading in general is something that I don't get to do lately for lack of time and energy, so I am pleased that I also managed to write the tutorial for it in just a few days. I now realize that I still have an unfinished tutorial for necklaces variations I started back in September 2013 (!)... I hope I will be able to finish and list it soon as well.

The new project is for a bracelet of three versions, made with Miyuki bugles and seed beads and with Czech two-hole SuperDuo beads. The tutorial is available both in my Etsy and Artfire shops.
The bracelet works up rather fast, and you can decide which version of it you'd like to have as you go along...

February 03, 2014

An Important Note הבהרה חשובה

Team in Action, Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt,

I was recently notified, by a kind and caring person, that my tutorials are being sold on sites that I don't have any connections with.

I want to make it clear, that the only sites my tutorials can be purchased from, legally, are my two online shops: SmadarsTreasure on Etsy and SmadarsTreasure on Artfire . So if you come across a site that offers you a tutorial or pattern of mine, know that it is not permitted and if you purchase from them you are actually taking part in something illegal. 
The same goes for teaching my beading projects in classes - please read about it at the end of this post. 

ללקוחות מישראל התרשימים שלי מוצעים למכירה באינטרנט ואך ורק דרך החנות שלי באטסי 
.כל אתר אינטרנט אחר המציע את התרשימים למכירה או מפרסם אותם בחינם, עושה זאת ללא רשות ובניגוד לחוק.
בנוסף, בישראל, לאף חנות, גילדה, פורום, קומונה או מדריך/כה עצמאי/ת אין הרשאה ממני ללמד את הדגמים שלי  בסדנאות או בכל אמצעי אחר, ללא קשר אם בחינם או תמורת תשלום. 
כמו מעצבים רבים אחרים, גם אני מייצרת ומוכרת תרשימי חריזה לפרנסתי, וכל שימוש לא מורשה בדגמים או בתרשימים  פוגע בעבודתי ובהכנסתי מעבודה זו.

I have many wonderful returning customers, that appreciate the value of a designer's work, and I am so very grateful for their business, thank you, you are wonderful!. This post is not meant for them.

This post is meant for those who don't seem to care about nothing but the final product. I want to ask you this --

In most cases the pattern or tutorial will not be given to you for free, and you will have to pay someone in order to get it.

So why would you prefer to support a thief?  Why pay to those who are only interested in making money from you in quick, effortless and illegal ways ?

Why won't you support the original designer who invested a lot of time and hard work to create a design, make it work, take photos, illustrate and write clear instructions for you?....

We all need to make a living. So why not support the ones who is offering you their fruit of love and labor?.... 

And as for teaching -- teachers and/or stores who wish to teach classes of any of my designs need to purchase a license and get a written permission from me before teaching any classes. 

Any teacher or bead store who offers to teach my projects without a license (I provide a signed teaching certificate for that specific license), are hurting me and my income from my work. 

Please give the whole thing another thought. We are all linked on the same circle and we need to collaborate in order to keep it going...
If you have any thoughts or suggestions on the subject, I would love to hear them in the comments below or by emailing me.

Bead Happy!