June 30, 2010

Bermuda Blue Bling

I am in love with this Swarovski color Bermuda Blue! Cobalt blue, sapphire blue, a hint of emerald green, blue zircon and gorgeous purple - all these beautiful colors are iridescently dancing in the light, mesmerizing... Outrageously beautiful! ;D

I created the pendant first and working on it went fluently and quite quick. But then I got stuck on the necklace design. After a few experiments (read: irritating construction failure designs; over 10 hours of work and half a spool of fireline wasted), I decided that 'simple', like in many other cases, will work the best for me... ;) So, embellished RAW necklace it is, made with just seed beads.

June 18, 2010

Dangling Drop Earrings in Perlen Poesie Magazine

These drop earrings are published as a project in the latest issue of Perlen Poesie German magazine. They are quite simple, easy and fast to make, so they can make a great project for beginners.

I haven't received my contributor's copy of the latest Perlen Poesei magazine (No. 5) , but I think it's on the market already... I am curious to see this European version of bead magazine and also to see the editor's take on my design. Hope it gets here sooner or later...

June 16, 2010

Anna Karenina Necklace - BAO Challenge

Bead Art Originals first ever Challenge was "A Novel Idea" - we had to create a work inspired by a written work or fiction. I chose Anna Karenina by Tolstoy and created this necklace for the challenge. I was inspired by a painting of Anna Karenina, wearing a heavy dress with high ruffled collar, which was very fashionable back at that time. I used plum purple beads and burgundy crystals and highlighted the necklace with gorgeous 3-cut rose gold seed beads. These 3-cut s/b really sparkle!

Please visit the BAO blog to see all other entries for our first challenge. You can leave a comment and place your vote until June 22. A random reader will be selected to win a prize.

You may also want to check out what some of BAO members created for the Color Inspiration - a color combination suggested by our blog readers - this time it was turquoise and brown.

The past week was crazy. Except these two BAO challenges, I also had to finish writing instructions for a necklace for B&B magazine, and another project for Beadwork magazine is still in the works. All these and the regular "challenges" of life, which makes me a crazy juggler... ;) The kids' vacation from school is only a few days away and I have to find a good way to keep them busy.. If they'll choose for themselves, spending long days on the computer and watching TV will be their favorite to pass the time, and I can't let it happen... Maybe we will do some beading together, or go biking again...we didn't do it for a long time. OK, now back to work!... ;)