February 03, 2014

An Important Note הבהרה חשובה

Team in Action, Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt, HikingArtist.com

I was recently notified, by a kind and caring person, that my tutorials are being sold on sites that I don't have any connections with.

I want to make it clear, that the only sites my tutorials can be purchased from, legally, are my two online shops: SmadarsTreasure on Etsy and SmadarsTreasure on Artfire . So if you come across a site that offers you a tutorial or pattern of mine, know that it is not permitted and if you purchase from them you are actually taking part in something illegal. 
The same goes for teaching my beading projects in classes - please read about it at the end of this post. 

ללקוחות מישראל התרשימים שלי מוצעים למכירה באינטרנט ואך ורק דרך החנות שלי באטסי 
.כל אתר אינטרנט אחר המציע את התרשימים למכירה או מפרסם אותם בחינם, עושה זאת ללא רשות ובניגוד לחוק.
בנוסף, בישראל, לאף חנות, גילדה, פורום, קומונה או מדריך/כה עצמאי/ת אין הרשאה ממני ללמד את הדגמים שלי  בסדנאות או בכל אמצעי אחר, ללא קשר אם בחינם או תמורת תשלום. 
כמו מעצבים רבים אחרים, גם אני מייצרת ומוכרת תרשימי חריזה לפרנסתי, וכל שימוש לא מורשה בדגמים או בתרשימים  פוגע בעבודתי ובהכנסתי מעבודה זו.

I have many wonderful returning customers, that appreciate the value of a designer's work, and I am so very grateful for their business, thank you, you are wonderful!. This post is not meant for them.

This post is meant for those who don't seem to care about nothing but the final product. I want to ask you this --

In most cases the pattern or tutorial will not be given to you for free, and you will have to pay someone in order to get it.

So why would you prefer to support a thief?  Why pay to those who are only interested in making money from you in quick, effortless and illegal ways ?

Why won't you support the original designer who invested a lot of time and hard work to create a design, make it work, take photos, illustrate and write clear instructions for you?....

We all need to make a living. So why not support the ones who is offering you their fruit of love and labor?.... 

And as for teaching -- teachers and/or stores who wish to teach classes of any of my designs need to purchase a license and get a written permission from me before teaching any classes. 

Any teacher or bead store who offers to teach my projects without a license (I provide a signed teaching certificate for that specific license), are hurting me and my income from my work. 

Please give the whole thing another thought. We are all linked on the same circle and we need to collaborate in order to keep it going...
If you have any thoughts or suggestions on the subject, I would love to hear them in the comments below or by emailing me.

Bead Happy!


  1. Nothing new to offer on the subject except that you and all artists have my support on this subject!!!

  2. Thank you, Dorothy, your supports counts and most appreciated!