August 30, 2010

Cube Delight Bracelet in Bead and Button Magazine

My cubes and little flowers bracelet (Cube Delight) project is published in the latest issue of Bead& Button magazine. Just got my contributor's copy in the mail today and I am delighted to see three of them on the cover! :)
Thanks to the B&B editors and assistants, it was a pleasure working with you again, and the editor's bracelets look great! Thank you!

August 23, 2010

Multi Layered Necklace

I love it when it happens to me, that while working on one design, (as simple as it may be, like in this case, this necklace from the lazy week ago), an idea for a completely different design pops up and then I feel back on track again. The feeling of bursting creativity and being busy with good stuff is so great! :)

So I was enthusiastically working on the third sample of a new bracelet (I'm going to write a tutorial for it and I needed to test various ways of creating the bracelet, otherwise I wouldn't have made 3 of the same in a row... it's boring me...), when I suddenly realized that I completely forgot about the three deadlines of challenges I wanted to create items for!.

I didn't want to stop working on the tutorial (you know the feeling when you are in a "shvoong"?), so I decided to create another sample (the forth!) of the new design for the closest deadline (Aug. 30), in copper, black and dark green - the colors of BAO team Color Inspiration challenge (you can suggest your own colors to the team by posting on the 'color suggestion thread' on the BAO Facebook page). I'm glad I can check this entry 'done!', and the tutorial is almost finished as well. Now I only hope that soon my photographer will not be too tired from his day work to be able to take pics of the bracelet before the dead line... The poor man is working all day outside in this horrible heat+humidity, and I'd hate to nag him about this...(my photographer, if you are reading this...pretty please?... ;))

The other two entries are for the EBW "Bollywood" challenge and the BAO "Bones" themed challenge. I already have ideas for these themes, which fit two of the styles I love to work the most. I just hope I'll be able to finish everything on time... One week you spend doing almost nothing, and the next one is working on the fast lane.. ;)

Happy Beading, everyone!

August 15, 2010

Vintage Style Pendant

I feel a bit of beading laziness lately. I do want to bead something new, but I don't feel like going through all my stash and start to pick colors and materials, in the hope that some idea will pop up. Usually I enjoy this process and I have a lot of patience for it (and it also gives me the chance to see again forgotten items I!) but now, maybe because of the heat and humidity we have here, I don't feel like it, it's too much effort when you are almost drowning in sweat, even late at night...
So I thought I'd just pick up a stone from the stone box and bead bezel it - something simple and rather quick, and this vintage style pendant with a cute little rose is the result.

Happy to have finished it, I then realized that I ran out of the chain necklace I wanted to use, so I just hung it on this brass collar. I am not sure about the collar and I think I will change it (what do you think?), but for this I have to go to Tel Aviv to buy some chains, because unfortunately, we don't have a decent bead store in our area. This would have to wait, as I can't even think about going there before the weather is a bit cooler. I don't think I would survive the humidity in Tel Aviv... it's the worst! I survived 40 long horrible summers when I used to live there, up until 5 years ago... but I am now 5 years older!... :)