March 24, 2008

Time-Out Vacation

I had to take some time off and go out of my house (and away from the computer!) :)

I usually don't like long drives away from home, but Israel is such a small country! It takes only 4-5 hours to drive from the center to the southern border (and the same to go to the northern border), so I decided to spend a long weekend in Eilat, which is the southern city of Israel.

The weather there was great - not too hot (it can reach to 40 C and higher) and not cold, and except from haziness we had for one day, it was just perfect for a short spring vacation.
I am always excited to see how the colors of nature changes as we go south.
From green fields in the center of country it changes to glittering gold of the sand dunes in the Negev desert, and then to many shades of brown and grey of the rocks and hills, to the breathtaking red colors of the mountains surrounding Eilat.
At night in the desert, when the skies wear their black dress, you can clearly see the millions of stars shining like Swarovski Crystals ;), and during the day you can see the blue skies merging with most beautiful clear blue of the sea.

On our last night of the vacation, I had the chance to meet a dear member of the beading commune, aka Zebra, who lives in sunny Eilat. She makes such beautiful beadwoven jewelry, some of them I could look close and touch thanks to the fact that she actually WEAR her designs (not like me..;)

My family and I had such a great time, that we didn't want to go back home...
My partner, who is usually being a "wheel-freak", willingly gave up driving so he could take some photos of the amazing places we passed along the way.

The Arava Desert

Contrasting colors of the soil

"Acacia Raddiana" (Shitah in Hebrew) - The widespreaded tree in the desert

Zin Stream area - Beautiful colors and shapes

Nothing is man made - Amazing nature sculpting itself..

Rocks and soil turn to red as we approach Eilat

Eilat - the view on a haziness day - The Jordanian city of Akaba and the breathtaking Red Rocks in the background.

March 19, 2008

Sweets For My Sweet

Candies colors in a cuff bracelet I made for my beloved sweet daughter :)

March 16, 2008

Spring Is In The Air

I love the spring!
Spring is revival; it brings much more energy, good mood and optimism.
I love the smell in the air; I love the colors of nature and the bright light during the day.
I love the colors of spring fashion and am happy to put aside the darker, heavier colors of winter and to use lighter colors in my work.

March 08, 2008

Vote For Your Favorite!

Etsy Bead Weavers (EBW) are waiting for your voting!

The inspiration theme for March challenge was 'Stormy Weather'.
There are 32 wonderful and interesting entries posted on the EBW blog.

Go to see how each one of the artists have interpreted the theme, and don't forget to VOTE!
I didn't participate in last month's challenge, but seen all the exciting creations surly spur me to try the next month's theme!

MOP Linkage

Dyed Mother Of Pearl flat square beads are linked together with beaded peyote links. I added some crystal bicones to lighten up the grayness of the seed beads.

I wish I could fill in the little holes that can be seen in some of the MOP squares.
Any ideas, anyone?

March 05, 2008

I'm in a Treasury! :D

My friend and extremely talented bead artist, Triz of Triz Designs picked my colorful Potawatomi bracelet and featured it on the fabulous Treasury she created. Click this link to see the cheerful Treasury and find more colorful, wonderful creations made by other Etsy designers! You may also want to read what the Etsy Bead Weavers have to say about colors and the use of them.

Thank you, Triz, you're the BEST!!! (hug)

March 04, 2008

I have been so busy lately...

I have set up my shop on Etsy and also joined the Etsy BeadWeavers group, which is very nice and exciting…
But, it also means that I had to spend too much time working on the computer… and THAT means… I hardly had time left for beading!!! :( … I already gave up some sleeping hours, but as for beading – that I can't give up!
So, in busy times like this, simple and quick herringbone weaving is always a little satisfactory of my beading craving...