March 28, 2013

Urban Retro Chic Bracelet

Urban Retro Chic bracelets were beadwoven in August 2012. August 2012!? How could I possibly forget about this tutorial project for so long? I had the two bracelets photographed and all the illustrations ready last summer, but for some (wicked) reason, I dropped the project and forgot to complete the instructions and to merge all the materials into one file. Well, I am glad I did some "Passover cleaning work" on my computer and found the unfinished project...

This is a project where I used the so popular and loved Twin beads in a new way...or, so to speak, looked at them from a new different angle!.... ;-)
And as in many of my beading projects, the work is done in one continuous stitch, so it's quite fun and quick to finish.

The tutorial for this bracelet is now completed and listed in my Etsy shop!.

And I just came to think of it -  it's not all bad that I forgot to finish the project last year, because the contrasting colors version of the bracelet in black and silver is fitting to this year's summer color trend!... ;)


March 09, 2013

Blue Bonnet Bracelet Project

My second Designer of the Year project in the Apr/May issue of Beadwork magazine is the Blue Bonnet  bracelet. The bracelet is made with lentil beads (w/ off-centered hole) and Swarovski crystals and it has integrated closure (of course, pre-made clasps can also be used). If you like jewelry sets, one of the four design options of MariLily necklace could be a nice match for the bracelet.

I hope that time will allow me to list my original instructions for the Blue Bonnet bracelet soon, where I provide instructions on how to bead it in one continuous path, but right now I need to work on designing my LAST Designer of the Year 2013 project for the Dec/Jan 2014 issue.
I can't believe how times flies and a year of working on the DOY projects is about to end...time flies when you are having fun!

March 04, 2013

MariLily Necklace

This is my newest beading project, named "MariLily" after Mariposa Lily - a flower with three petals.
The necklace was originally made last year to match the bracelet (Blue Bonnet) I designed as my Designer of the Year project for April-May 2013 issue of Beadwork magazine.

This was one of the projects I really enjoyed working on, because ideas for other designs kept popping in my mind while I was working on the first version... The other versions make a delicate necklace that can fit a young woman...And I think this necklace is perfect for the coming Spring, don't you?

In the instructions for this necklace I included directions for the other 3 design options and for beading matching earrings. The tutorial is available in both my Etsy and Artfire shops.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal followers & customers who sent me wonderful messages and emails, telling me how they love my work and how happy they are that I'm being one of the Designer of the Year of Beadwork magazine. Your support and encouragement means a lot to me!, and it helps me keep sharing my jewelry designs with others, although there were so many times that I wanted to stop doing it and just bead for myself (I'll write about why in one of my next blogs).  And many thanks also to everyone who showed me their work made from my patterns.

Thank you, thank you all so much!!!