May 08, 2021

Festoon Fancy Bracelet

I have a box of unfinished projects - most of them are experiments of ideas that needed to be worked on further. I started many years ago and, got stuck, put it in that UFO box and forgot all about it.

In order to get myself beading as I used to, I sometimes go through my boxed of beads to wake up my inspiration and I found this bracelet base design. As it happens sometimes when you revisit a project, an idea or a solution that helps you go on with it pops up, just like that.... So much joy when it happens!

So here's the finished project - Festoon Fancy Bracelet - three variations of the many it can offer: wide with Swarovski crystals, wide with Tila beads and narrower with just seed beads .

The tutorial for it is listed in my Etsy shop.