February 14, 2011

New Necklaces & EBW Challenge

The embroidered medallions in these two necklaces were made to be used as parts of a larger necklace that I intended to create for the February EBW challenge "A Touch of Royalty". Jumping from one project to another, I realized that I would not be able to make all the parts I needed for the necklace in time to submit it to the challenge, so I decided to use the ones I already made in two separate necklaces. Time is the most precious thing.... ;)

Check out the EBW blog to see all 62 (!) entries. I am sure, that like myself, you will find it hard to pick just one to vote for from all the beautiful and original works created for this challenge!

February 11, 2011

A Trip to Marrakesh

One of the places that I am dreaming of visiting to is Marrakesh, the Moroccan "Red City". I'm not seeing a trip to Morocco happening in the future (not only because of personal reasons, but also because it's difficult for Israelis to enter this country freely), so for now I have to see the views of Marrakesh on the internet. I am fascinated and excited by the abundance of details, patterns and colors that are in the traditional Moroccan architecture, art and fabrics, and even their food and spices look more tastier and richer to me... The richness of colors and details makes me dizzy just by looking at the images on the screen. I wonder how it would feel to actually be there...I think I could happily get lost in a city like Marrakesh...

"Marrakesh" bracelet was inspired by patterns that can be found in Moroccan windows and home decor. I used beads in warm colors - reddish copper, copper, padparadsha and burgundy, that I found in many of Marrakesh images.

The other Marrakesh bracelet, in grey/blue colorway was created for the next BAO Color Challenge. Also, a tutorial for this bracelet is available, in case you would want to bead your own little piece of Marrakesh... :)

Below is a mosaic of a tiny bit of the amazing, beautiful, vibrant images of Marrakesh I found on Google Images. It worth the click if you are looking for excitement and inspiration...