January 26, 2012

Dainty Filigree Rope and Bracelet

I felt honored when I was offered to join a group of more than 25 talented designers and bead artists from all around the world, and to design a few items using clasps from The Beadsmith's Elegant Elements clasp collection. These are very beautiful, nickel-free, high quality electroplated German made clasps. Of course I had to say 'yes' to this offer. Who wouldn't?... ;) The only problem was, that just as I got my clasps in the mail, I entered into a long beading rut, and for more than a month I couldn' find any idea of what to do with them... But all is well, and I'm beading again (this project is actually the first one I finished in 2012...).
tutorial for Dainty Filigree  is available (rope and bracelet only, pendant is not included).

This is the first item I designed using this beautiful flower clasp. The curly detail of the petals in the clasp inspired me to create the flower pendant, and the design idea for the rope was born directly from it.

Flower Clasp with Swarovski Crystal Stone 
Elegant Elements Item #: CLSP89GP

January 01, 2012

Welcome 2012 with a Free Pattern

Altogether, 2011 was a good year for me. There were ups and downs, like always, but in many aspects of my life I can say that the general direction is up, which is good of course... The only resolution I am going to make for the coming year is to take better care of my health (what's more important than good health?...). 

Beady-wise, 2011 was good, too.  I am very grateful to each and everyone of you who purchased my jewelry or beading tutorials and supported Smadar's Treasure. I value you and appreciate your interest in my work. I am posting "Ribbead" - a free tutorial, for you all wonderful, supporting beaders.
Thank you!

"Ribbead"  is a self-supporting ribbed beaded bead, which can be made in variable sizes and lengths. This bead can be used as a focal, or used as a spacer bead like in this necklace I made. Its large hole makes it easy to string it directly on thicker cords or chains. It is made with Japanese cube beads, triangle beads and seed beads, and it can be embellished with crystals bicones, fire polished beads etc.

UPDATE: I keep being asked if my tutorials for sale are in the same format (photos only) as this free tutorial -- no, they are not!  This time only and for the purpose of publishing the free tutorial on my blog, I used images only instead of colored illustrations or the combination of images & illustrations...

Please NOTE:
If you wish to let others know about this free beading pattern, please post a link to this blog - do not copy and paste the pages themselves.
If you use Ribbead in your work, a credit for the design is much appreciated. 
This project should not be taught at commercial workshops without my written permission.

Ribbeads Embellished with Swarovski Crystal Bicones

Ribbeads Embellished with Triangle Beads

* Happy New Year 2012 to You and Yours! *