November 13, 2013

50% Sale on Select Beading Tutorials

From today until the end of the month, receive a 50% discount on these 4 selected beading tutorials.
To receive the discount, please use coupon code: SPECIALOFFER6 . Sale ends on November 30.

(*To receive the $15 discount on the commercial use editions, please use coupon code: SPECIALCOM15 ).

Lazy Daisy Bracelet

Pearls of Faith Bracelet

Fan Pendant & Matching Earrings 

Sparkling Wreath Beaded Bead

November 08, 2013

Romantic Rulla Mandala Pendant

A new beading pattern is available - Romantic Rulla Mandala pendant, made with Czech two-hole Rulla beads, Swarovski crystal Rivoli stone and Japanese seed beads.


October 26, 2013

Grained Leaf Pendant with Rulla Beads

This is a new pendant I designed, using Czech two-hole Rulla (Rula) beads, Swarovski crystal Rivoli stone and Japanese seed beads. The leaf shaped pendant has a 3-dimensional and textural grained look thanks to the use of Rulla beads, and it can be hung from any type of necklace.

The tutorial for this pendant is available in both shops - in my Etsy the file is available for instant download, and in my Artfire the PDF file is sent by me via email. 

This is a rather fast and easy to bead project!

October 21, 2013

Squares with a Twist Bracelet

Squares with a Twist Bracelet

Just a quick note regarding my Squares with a Twist bracelet project (which is done in one continuous stitch, and that was originally published in the Aug/Sept. 2013 issue of Beadwork magazine):  a few beaders already had contacted me and asked why is it that the strings between the squares do not remain twisted as they should. 

The answer is quite simple - in order to make the strings stay twisted, the strings are designed so that each string consists of a different number of seed beads. So you should please check the instructions (or count the number of beads in the illustration) and see how many beads you should string each time.

Hope that helps.... Happy Beading!

October 16, 2013

Beading Tutorial of the Week - Oct. 16-22

I am offering another one of my popular beading patterns at a large discount, and this time it will be the Oriental Lace bracelet tutorial . For the next seven days only - Oct.16-22,  you can buy this pattern at 45% discount, so the price will be $8.25 instead of $15. 

To receive the discount, please enter coupon code (copy & paste): ORIENTAL50 on checkout. 

The coupon is applicable in both my Etsy and Artfire shops. 

September 29, 2013

Hoops & Loops Crochet Necklace

Whenever I have an appointment and I need to kill time waiting for it, I keep my hands busy with something creative. I always take with me beads strung on a spool of thread or wire and I crochet them into a rope. 
Crocheted ropes are fun and very easy to make and they are also a good way to use up mixed leftover beads in different sizes, colors and shapes... In my Hoops & Loops necklace I used a mix of seed beads, crocheted in close loops to make a textured long rope.

And just a quick reminder - there's only 2 days left before the Nona Bangle pre-order sale ends!

September 06, 2013

"Nona" Geometric Bangle

I am captured by the unusual Wings and Horns in bangles and bracelets I've been seeing for quite a long time all over Beadland.  The beautiful and interesting shapes of the designs are included in the wonderful book Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, Volume 1 by Kate Mckinnon. This is one of the most exciting books I have purchased recently (I have already pre-ordered my copy of Volume 2 - can't wait for it!) and I highly recommend it!

The book is such a great source for inspiration for any designer (even for those who work with other mediums!). The innovative designs are a celebration of colors and shapes, using known techniques in an exciting way... The photographs in the book are excellent (and the model is gorgeous, too!); the illustrations are good and I love the spiral binding, which makes it very easy to wander through the book's pages...I also really like all the notes and quotes included in the book, as well as all the other extras included... Such a treat! :-)

Inspired by the horns in Kate's Horned Bangle design, I created my nonagon "Nona" bangle, which has Tila bead tips, resembling the horns.

Nona Bangles 

I am running a PRE-ORDER SALE of the Nona Bangle tutorial.

The pre-order price will be $7.50 instead of $10 - that's a 25% discount (pre-order listing for the commercial use edition is also available). The sale ends on October 1st, and that's when the tutorial will be listed at its full price on both my shops.

The PDF file tutorial will be sent to you by EMAIL (using your PayPal email address) on October 1st (or one day later, depending on the number of orders accumulated - I will update on that on the blog).

If you want to pre-order the tutorial at the discounted price, simply make a purchase through the pre-order listing in my Artfire studio, or through my Etsy shop.

NOTE that except for the fact that the tutorial will be sent to you at a later time, the transaction and its terms, including all buyer protection terms, will be the same as any other transactions made on Etsy and Artfire via PayPal.

If this is the first time that you visit my blog and you haven't yet tried beading by one of my tutorials, you can read reviews and feedback on them from previous customers.

If you have any questions regarding this sale, please email me (address is on the About section of my blog), or leave a comment here on this post.

Nona Bangles 


These days we are celebrating the Jewish New Year, and I want to take the opportunity to wish
each and every one of you - whether you are Jewish or not -
a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous year ahead!
May all your wishes and prayers for the good and better life will come true in the coming year!
שנה טובה!

August 18, 2013

Beading Tutorial of the Week - Aug. 18-25

This week I am offering a 40% off coupon for my Geometric Integrating Nets Bracelet beading tutorial. The bracelet, which can be made in different widths - each giving it a different feel -, is made with Japanese seed beads, Tila beads and crystal bicone beads.

From now until August 25, the price will be $9 instead of $15. Coupon code is: INETS40 and it is valid in both my Artfire and Etsy shops.

* Please copy and paste the code in the Coupon Code field when you check out to automatically receive the discount.

August 04, 2013

Beading Tutorial of the Week - August 4-11

This week I am offering my Echo of Deco Bracelet beading pattern (for personal use only) on a 40% discount. From today Aug.4 and until Aug. 11, the price will be $10.20 instead of $17. The coupon code is valid in both my Etsy and Artfire shops - just enter the coupon code: ECHO40 on checkout.

Happy Beading & have a great week you all!

July 27, 2013

Gerbera Pendants Necklace

Something I recently made just for relaxation and fun... a necklace with pendants (made with crystal navettes and Czech glass dagger beads) which remind me of Gerbera flowers, in bright green and orange colors, following the 2013 neon colors trend... I love those 2-color Czech dagger beads!

And some new publications...

Squares with a Twist Bracelet: my Designer of the Year project in Aug/Sept 2013 issue of Beadwork magazine, which is done in one continuous stitch, creating strings that keep their twisted profile.

Squares with a Twist Bracelet

Ravishing Rosettes Necklace project is published by Kalmabach Publishing in Creative Beading Vol. 8

Ravishing Rosettes Necklace

Two of my projects - Wheels of Fortune Bracelet and Pewter Lace Bracelet are included in Interweave's Beading with Shaped Beads: Bugle Beads ebook

Wheels of Fortune Bracelet 

 Pewter Lace Bracelet

And last - my Urban Nights Bracelet was recently published in Interweave's book Favorite Bead Stitches 2013. 

Urban Nights Bracelet

July 15, 2013

Lima - a New Beading Tutorial

This is my latest beading project - "Lima" - a set of a necklace, bracelet and matching earrings, made with Czech SuperDuo beads, Miyuki Tila beads, Swarovski crystal beads and Japanese seed beads.

The tutorial is available in both my shops on Etsy (for instant download) and on Artfire (sent by email; express checkout available).

June 16, 2013

Beading Pattern of the Week - Feathers Bracelet

Sorry I missed last week's beading pattern on sale!... This week (June 16-23) I am offering my Feathers Bracelet beading tutorial at 40% discount - $10.2 instead of regular price $17. Discount expires on June 23
Please use coupon code (copy&paste): FEATHERS40  on checkout in both my Etsy and Artfire shops.

Beading Tutorial - Feathers Beaded Bracelet - for Personal Use Only

June 02, 2013

Beading Tutorial of the Week (June 2-9)

This week's beading tutorial on sale is Magical Magatamas - a set of a necklace, bracelet and earrings, made with Miyuki long Magatama beads, Japanese seed beads, pearl beads (or fire polished beads) and Swarovski crystal beads.

From today, June 2nd and until next Sunday (June 9) receive 40% discount ($11.10 instead of $18.5) on this beading pattern in both my Artfire and Etsy shops (instant download on Etsy). Please enter code: MAGICAL40 on checkout.