November 15, 2009

Surprise in The Mail!

A little box came in the mail and I was so surprised to see these five gorgeous clasps sent to me, again, by Claspgarten! Thank you, Karin of Claspgarten! I am so grateful and flattered to have been chosen to design with your clasps... :)

I am so in love with the brass rectangle clasp I got and can't wait to start working on something with it (probably a bracelet) .. The photo doesn't do justice to the other ones with crystals... they are so beautiful and really sparkle!

I have completed working on a necklace using this large clasp I got in the first batch, but I can't post the images yet, since I am thinking of sending this necklace to Perlen Poesie magazine for publication, so it has to be kept as a secret for a few months..

Like it has always been for me, new materials to work with excite me and give my muse a huge push! Fun! :)

November 09, 2009

Warm Winter Bloom Necklace

This is my entry (#17 on the list) for the Etsy Beadweavers challenge "Beauty of the Flower". Please visit the EBW blog between the 9th and 15th, pick your favorite entry and vote for it.

November 01, 2009

New Glitzy Bracelet

A new bracelet with Claspgarten clasp - rhodium plated clasp with Swarovski crystals. I really like how this one turned out. :)

I have one last item to create with Claspgarten clasp - it is the most challenging one for me. I'll probably have to try a few possible designs, as this one has a unique shape, (relatively) large size and heavy weight...

Too many thoughts and ideas are running in my head right now, making too much "noise", like in a busy train station... One is for the current EBW challenge (which I doubt I'll be able to finish on time, but that's as per usual..:D); one is for a bride's custom necklace (luckily I have enough time for this one); another one is for a project to be published in the European magazine Perlen Poesie next year, and lots of ideas for details of my (possible) entry for the Bead&Button show 2010, which I really (really!) hope I'll be able to create and finish on time...
It seems like I'm 'beading' in my mind more than I'm actually beading.. ;)