June 26, 2011

Tribal Geometric Bib Necklace

I have finally finished the necklace I told you about in my previous post and named it Tribal Geometric Bib Necklace. I love how it eventually turned out, so the many trials and errors were worth it! ;) A tutorial for this necklace is already available.

I also made a smaller version of the beadwork and used it as a fan shaped pendant. I might make matching earrings, too, but that could happen only after I will work on somethings else - I just can't see the same beads on my working table for any longer!... ;D

June 20, 2011

Rosette Embroidered Cuff

I had been working on a new necklace project last week, but it didn't go as good as I thought. So after the 10th time I had to unpick the beadwork and try different "engineering", I thought it would be better to take a break, relax and work on something else for a while. Nervousness doesn't go well with a needle and thread... ;)
I bead embroidered this cuff, using one of Lisa Peters Art beautiful cabochons as a focal and used the cabochon itself as my source of inspiration for colors and shape. I especially like the the gentle sparkle Lisa added to the center of the cabochon - a beautiful white opal Swarovski stone.

It was a good decision to take a break, and by now I have managed to finish the beadweaving project I was working on... :) Photos coming soon, and maybe even a tutorial.

June 13, 2011

BAO Color Challenge

This is my entry for the Bead Art Originals June Color Challenge. Our source of inspiration was "A Gentle Notion" - a beautiful illustration by Jeannie L Paske of Obsolet World on Etsy. Check out the BAO blog and see other entries for this challenge.

The bracelet is made with tiny 1.8 mm Miyuki cube beads in gorgeous color of metallic green patina iris (#2008) and a beaded Swarovski crystal navette stone as the button clasp. I love how soft this bracelet came out, thanks to the small size of the cubes.
At first I wasn't sure if I had enough beads to finish it, but eventually the bracelet was completed and 3 (!!!) beads were left out of 30 grams... I always thought that it's better to have a little more beads than you think is needed. Missing just a few beads to finish a project would be a disaster!... ;))

A Gentle Notion by Jeannie L Paske 
of Obsolet World on Etsy 

June 08, 2011

New Set of Jewelry and a WIP (and some other things...)

In the last couple of weeks I have been having some issues with my eye sight. I don't see very clearly and there were times that no matter how hard I tried to focus, everything looked blurry. So I thought I should go see a doctor and check if new glasses are called for. The doctor took some tests and she found out that besides the new glasses I do need, there's a start of cataract (at my age?! I though that only elderly people have that, and I'm not even 47 y/o yet!) and there's also a small scar on my right eye retina that needs to be further checked... Of course I set up an appointment with a specialist in the hospital, but what a nightmare! - the earliest available appointment in for next month! Now I get a whole month waiting and thinking whatever this scar is, would I be able to work and bead like before?! :( But I really try to chase away the horrible thoughts and stay positive...I keep reminding myself that it could be a minor thing after all, and except for the new glasses, maybe I won't have to do anything, just live with it... I just hope that time would fly faster this month!....

Okay...on a happier note - this is my newest finished project - a jewelry set of a necklace, earrings and a bracelet, made with seed beads (of course ;), fire polished beads and with Swarovski crystal bicones and drops. A tutorial is available, both for Personal and Personal & Commercial use.

And below is my current work in progress - I'm making a necklace with an embroidered pendant with a Lisa Peters Art beautiful cabochon as the focal. Inspired by the gorgeous artwork of Bead Quilling Queen, Kathy King, I combined a little bead quilling for the first time in this work (it's a fun technique!). I hope I will be able to finish the necklace on time for the next Bead Art Originals color challenge. I still haven't decided on which kind of a necklace to attach the pendant to. BTW, Lisa Peters is attending the Bead&Button show (booth #1213) and she's offering some great deals at the show and in her Etsy shop. You can read all about it here.

Today is Shavuot holiday, the Jewish holiday I like most, especially because we eat many kinds of cheese and other yummy dairy food. I spent a great time yesterday afternoon preparing a nice holiday eve dinner, and I even got some help from my boy, who made us tasty pasta with cheese and vegetable sauce. The cold cheese cake is the only thing that is left from what I made, but I promise you it won't stay in the fridge for a lot longer... ;)

Happy Shavuot Holiday! !חג שמח