May 15, 2022

German Packaging Act

This post is to all my German customers

Since there is a new VerpackG (Packaging Act) starting July 1st., some bureaucracy and other inevitable "head aches" are required...

At the moment, I am not sure if I will be able to ship to Germany after July 1st.

So if there is any tangible items from my shop that you would like to purchase, I encourage you to purchase them until June 15, and enjoy the free shipping offer I have now

November 22, 2021

Square Solitaire Bracelet and Pendant

A new tutorial is available in my Etsy shop - Square Solitaire bracelets and pendant. The project uses combined beading techniques, and it fits also foe beginners who like a bit of challenge,,, 
Happy beading to you all!

September 24, 2021

Arrows and Fans Bracelet - Peyote Pattern


A new beading pattern is available - Arrows and Fans peyote bracelet - made with 3 colors of beads in odd-count single-drop peyote stitch.

June 27, 2021

Urban Strolls Bracelet Tutorial

 I was exploring bugle beads lately, and these two are one of the new patterns I created using them. 

Urban Strolls is a relatively soft bracelet made with  2x6 and 2x3 uniform bugle beads and with Japanese seed beads. The bracelet can be made in different widths and of course, lengths, using different types of accent beads.

The tutorial is available (only) in my Etsy shop

Another bracelet project with bugles is coming soon, so stay tuned ;-)

May 08, 2021

Festoon Fancy Bracelet

I have a box of unfinished projects - most of them are experiments of ideas that needed to be worked on further. I started many years ago and, got stuck, put it in that UFO box and forgot all about it.

In order to get myself beading as I used to, I sometimes go through my boxed of beads to wake up my inspiration and I found this bracelet base design. As it happens sometimes when you revisit a project, an idea or a solution that helps you go on with it pops up, just like that.... So much joy when it happens!

So here's the finished project - Festoon Fancy Bracelet - three variations of the many it can offer: wide with Swarovski crystals, wide with Tila beads and narrower with just seed beads .

The tutorial for it is listed in my Etsy shop.