February 28, 2021

Mosaic Mandala Pendant

Here's my latest beading tutorial for a pendant made with 2-hole Kite and DuoDrop beads (and seed beads, of course). The tutorial is available in my Etsy shop. The name for this beading project was suggested by Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers 

February 09, 2021

When I want to bead something of my own just for relaxation, but can't put my mind to set on Designing Mode, I like to make freeform creations. 

I beaded this bracelet some time ago, while recovering from fatigue in bed, enjoying the ability that freeform beading allows you to do so. The cabochon button was beaded "normally"- sitting by my working table, though...  

I used a bead mix of some leftovers to make this bracelet. As I always say: every bead finds its destiny, just be patient... 

Stay safe you all! 

November 13, 2020

Beading Kit Sale

*** UPDATE *** sale extended until Nov. 30, using coupon code: TENOFFKITS

I'm having a limited 3-day sale on my three beading kits (limited inventory)- 

from now until November 16, receive free shipping (worth $9) plus 10% off! 

(free shipping is already applied)

November 11, 2020

Delights In Kites - Necklace Beading Tutorial and Kit

With all the madness going on all of us in 2020, I somehow still managed to bead some and create new designs. It has always been a way to relax and energy recharger... 

This is my latest - Delights in Kites Necklace, available as a beading tutorial and as beading kit (available in two colors). It is shown as bib style necklace, but it can also be made in full neckline length.

I hope you all still bead, too. Let's keep creating and adding beauty to the world!

Stay safe and keep the positive spirit! 

July 05, 2020

Long Time No See...

It's been a long long time since I updated my blog. I wonder, does anyone still read blogs??.....If you do, would you mind leaving a comment so I'll know?

Anyway, I updated the Beading Tutorials and Patterns section with the latest tutorials (4 tutorials) and the Beading Kit section with a photo of another color for the Winding Path Bracelet kit.

I closed my Artfire shop a few months ago, so now I have my Etsy as my only online shop. You can find all of my beading tutorials, patterns and kits there  https://www.etsy.com/shop/SmadarsTreasure

If you'd like to see my posts more often, you can see them on my Facebook  or Facebook Page.

Keep in touch!

In the photo: my latest bracelet (no tutorial) made with Czech druk beads in beautiful seafoam green and fuchsia Swarovski crystals.