July 13, 2014

Sparkling Water Lily - New Beading Tutorial

Lately there are so many new shapes of beads coming to the market one after another, that I can hardly keep up!  I recently ordered some SuperUno beads, gum drops, two-hole lentil beads and twisted daggers, which I am yet to play with, but there are already new shaped beads that I need to get my hands on, like pellets, Bibo, Pip beads... I guess that the more there are, the merrier! I love experimenting new designs and possibilities with the new bead shapes... It gives my beading creativity a boost! 

My latest project - Sparkling Water Lily -  is made with Starman's Czechmate two-hole triangle beads, Swarovski crystal bicone beads and Japanese seed beads.  
It is a dimensional beaded component, that can be used as a pendant, as a connector beaded bead or for an elegant ring. 

Another design with these beautiful triangle beads is in the works and I hope to be able to finish it as soon as I get more of these beautiful triangles in other colors. 

The tutorial for the 3 design options of Sparkling Water Lily, is available in both my Etsy and my Artfire shops.

A Necklace Made with
Sparkling Water Lily Beaded Connector Beads

Sparkling Water Lily Pendant

Sparkling Water Lily Ring 

July 04, 2014

Parallels Bracelet - New Beading Tutorial for Unisex Bugles Bracelet

A new beading tutorial for a bracelet called "Parallels" is available. Parallels is a bracelet made with Japanese bugle and seed beads and with accent beads. The variable beads in the center can make the bracelet fit both women and men. It's a fun beading project with lots of possibilities!

All the necessary information about sizing and changes you may have to make with different center beads is included in the tutorial (and, of course, as always, I am only a few clicks away if you need any help!).