December 10, 2014

Free Pattern with Kheops par Puca Beads

I have gratefully received some generous quantity of Kheops® beads from Puca of Les Perles de Puca. Thanks so much, Puca!

I am fascinated by the creativity these ingeniously designed, two-hole triangular beads had burst. I have seen many wonderful designs Puca and other designers came up with using this bead, and there are still so many potential designs hidden in it! Can't wait to try some new designs with them.

The Desert Sun beaded component is made with Kheops beads, Japanese seed beads and Swarovski crystal Rivoli stone, and it can be used as a pendant, as a ring and even as earrings. 

I'd like to "pass forward" Puca's generosity, by sharing this project I designed with her beads for free. * Hope you enjoy making it! 

* Please do not post the pages of this free tutorial on other sites - if you want to share it, please share the link to this blog.

** If you want to teach this free beading project in your classes, please pass it forward to your students and teach it for free, too!

Happy Beading!

"Desert Sun" Pendant / Ring 
made with Khéops® par Puca® 


  1. This is a great pattern. I like your "Desert Sun" design very much.
    Thank you for this free pattern.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful pattern, I love your work!!

  3. Thank you for sharing Smadar ! it's a very pretty ring.

  4. Thank you for sharing knowledge and creativity. The ring is very beautiful and interesting

  5. Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern! Happy Holidays!

  6. Thank you for this super pattern!

  7. Thanks so much for this beautiful ring with a free pattern also.

  8. Nagyon köszönöm ezt a szuper mintát:)))

  9. Todah Rabah! I shared your link with all my customers and I will be teaching the project today at my shop (Poppyfield Bead Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico). Shabbat Shalom! Julia

  10. You're welcome, Julia. I hope your customers will enjoy beading the project!
    Shabat Shalom :-)