May 23, 2009

Eight-vertex Star Pendant with Cabochon

These geometric shapes are so much fun to make! and the work goes easy when using Delica seed beads. I came up with the idea of creating this 8-vertex star after I finished this geometric set. I had to do some calculations (I hate that part as I am not a mathematical-minded person) and a few trials&errors before I came up with the right size to fit the cabochon in the center of it. I've made more of these pendants, hanging from different necklaces, but didn't get them photographed yet.

May 18, 2009

New Sparkling Bracelet

I usually don't use a lot of Swarovski crystals in my work and especially not this many in one piece. But that doesn't mean I don't like BUYING them.. ;D So, I bought these Light Colorado Topaz bicones almost two years ago and I finally came up with this pattern that includes a lot of them (144 beads, to be exact). I have to check how this pattern comes out in a different color palette, but that will have to wait until I'll finish two other works I have in progress. As always, too many ideas to try but not enough time...

May 09, 2009

Bollywood Glamour - EBW May Challenge "Red Carpet"

Etsy beadweavers' May challenge theme was "Hollywood Red Carpet".
Please visit the EBW blog to see all 21 Red Carpet entries, pick your favorite and vote for it.
Voting starts today and lasts until the 15th, so don't miss it... My entry, called "Bollywood Glamour" is #8 on the list.

While rolling a few possible ideasfor my entry, the name (nickname) Bollywood - India's equivalent of Hollywood- popped in my head. I've never seen a Bollywood movie, but I've seen a TV documentary show about India's culture and I was amazed by the rich, sometimes overloaded, designs of their traditional jewelry and clothes. As I keep being drawn to ethnic designs, I thought I'd try creating something in this style, but wanted to create a relatively delicate design, with just a few hints of India. So I made these up-side-down drop shaped links with picots and attached a Mandala pendant in the center.
I intended to use gold seed beads, but then realized that I didn't have enough of them to complete the necklace and matching earrings, so chose silver to go with the fuchsia. Silver actually goes very nice with the fuchsia-satin Swarovskis I used, as they have a silvery sparkle.

I am going to create another India-inspired set of a necklace, bracelet and earrings in rich colors, for which I already have the design sketched, but I have to wait until I receive my order of gorgeous orange Toho seed beads in a few days. Can't wait... I am excited about this new journey to India.. :)

May 04, 2009

Bead Artists Help Fight Breast Cancer Project

A few months ago I blogged about my contribution to Jeanette Shanigan's project "Bead It Forward" - Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer. Jeanette Shanigan collected the beaded squares, donated from beaders from all over the world and stitched them into quilts. A few members (15) of the Etsy BeadWeavers team donated 35 beaded squares, and Jeanette stitched them into one EBW quilt. The finished quilts are all beautiful and colorful - you can see more of them on Jeanette's site.
The quilts are going to be auctioned at the Bead&Button show and the money raised will be donated to help fight breast cancer. I am happy that I have participated in this project. I might do this again next year.
Special thanks goes to Susan of Clinkscalesarts, who organized the whole thing for EBW team and did a great job at it!

Etsy Beadweavers Quilt

First row (left to right): Susan Clinkscales, Eddy Downing, Eddy Downing, JoJo Curley, Swanee Hielscher
2nd row: Swanee Hielscher, Swanee Hielscher, Swanee Hielscher, Linda Davis, me
3rd row: me, me, me, Lisa Savoy, Lisa Savoy
4th row: Lisa Savoy, Jama Watts, Jama Watts, Jama Watts, Kerrie Slade
5th row: Kerrie Slade, Kerrie Slade, Kerrie Slade, Victoria Thompson
6th row: Kim Shaver, Dawn Nelson, Melody Murray, Melody Murray
7th row: Ileana Munteanu, Ginny Bracht, Ginny Bracht, Ginny Bracht, Ginny Bracht