July 22, 2011

New - Antique Silver Necklace with Crystal Pendant

I haven't done much beading in the past month. All these eye tests I had to make and the fact that even with my new multi-focal glasses (I had those replaced for me twice last month, but I still don't see 100% well with them), made me feel a bit nervous & depressed and made beading being an uncomfortable task. One eye test - which I feared the most about its results - came out (relatively) good :) , and the doctor said that even though the only treatment for the problem is laser eye surgery, it is up to me if I want to have it now, or I can wait and see if there are any changes in the next scheduled tests in every six months. I want to wait and see (pun intended ;) what happens... I am now using another new eyeglasses just for computer & beading work, and it works and feels much better. I am optimistic! :)

This is my newest necklace - herringbone rope with strung beads and a bead embroidered pendant with Swarovski crystal beautiful chessboard stone, and I also beaded matching stud earrings. I like how the necklace turned out - it reminds me of the silver jewelry my grandfather used to make. It has a bit of antique feel to it thanks to the beautiful Miyuki Duracoat #4222 seed beads I used for the main color. I started working on a matching bracelet about a week ago, but I got stuck with the design and my Muse has left me again, so it is still waiting, unfinished, on my beading tray...

July 13, 2011

Published in Creative Beading Vol. 6

I love the smell of the pages in a new book. Today I opened a large package received in the mail and before I finished unwrapping it, I noticed the special smell of a new book. It was Creative Beading Vol. 6 by Kalmbach Publishing - an annual book of collection of projects picked by Editors of Bead&Button magazine. Two of my designed are published in it: Layered Loops bracelet and Fine Woven Rings necklace.

Amongst the various sections and 77 projects included in this book, there are two beadwoven stunning necklaces by Melissa Grakowsky; beautiful wire wrapped earrings by Sonia Kumar; a gorgeous bead-embroidered cuff by Heidi Kummli; a very interesting "beadpunk" (steampunk with beads) necklace by Diane Hyde; a chainmaille & lampwork bead  collaboration bracelet by Kathy Peterson and Susan Matych-Hager, and many, many other beautiful designs in a large variety of styles and techniques!

Layered Loops Bracelet

  Fine Woven Rings Necklace