April 25, 2011

Another Publication & a New Tutorial

I have designed a new eight-pointed star pendant - Cubic Star-, using Swarovski crystal Rivoli and bicones, Miyuki Tila beads, cubes and seed beads. I like the way the pendant came out, especially the "pixelated" look of the edges. A tutorial is available .

I am also happy to tell that my Pewter Lace bracelet project is published in Interweave Publication "Best of Beadwork 12 - Right-Angle Weave Stitch" e-book.  I am honored to have my bracelet included in the great company of many of the most talented artists in the beady world, like Marcia DeCoster, Jennifer VanBenschoten, Leslee Frumin, Shelley Nybakke, Kate McKinnon and others! 
This e-book includes 12 beautiful creations, all done in RAW stitch.  It's a part of a whole series of e-books, each dedicated to a different beading stitch. I bet you want to have them all!... ;D

April 16, 2011

S for Small Serpents

"S for Small Serpents" Bracelet

Things don't always come easy... The initial idea for this design had popped in my mind a while ago, and I was sure I could easily stitch the bracelet as envisioned.

Well, as simple as it may have looked at first, it wasn't so. It took me quite a few trials before I have found the way to maintain the repetitive curving pattern the way I wanted it, and more time and trials to find the shortest thread path for stitching it.
Who said that designer's work is always fun?...I had the initial image of the bracelet stuck in mind all the time, and the more I tried and it didn't work, the more annoying the whole process became... It eventually came out a little different from how I envisioned it, but I had to either compromise on a few minor details, or give up on it all together.

But when the designing process was over and everything worked smoothly, I had much fun working on the bracelet. I was also pleased to realize that a few other possibilities for playing with the basic design were born thanks to the compromises I had to make. So I guess that sometimes being stubborn pays off... :)

"S for Small Serpents" Bracelet - Version 2
A tutorial is available (for the two versions shown)


April 10, 2011

Spring Around the Corner

This is "Early Spring", my entry for the April challenge of Etsy BeadWeavers - Spring Around the Corner.Check out the EBW blog to see all 49, spring inspired, beautiful entries and vote for your favorite (my necklace is #21 on the list). Voting ends on the 15th of April.

April 05, 2011

Inspiring Beads

A new necklace with a bead embroidered pendant. My inspiration for this necklace came from the focal beautiful donut ceramic bead by a fellow Bead Art Originals team member, Lisa of Lisa Peters Art.

I liked how the pendant in the first necklace came out, and since I already had the right beads on my table, I created another necklace in similar colors, with a leather embroidered pendant.

And then I beaded a matching embroidered leather cuff... I love it when my inspiration comes from the beads themselves... It all started with the beautiful ceramic bead by Lisa Peters... Thank you, Lisa! :)