February 27, 2010

New Bracelet in Soft Spring Colors

I usually like to work with Fireline thread for most beadworks, but when a softer result or matching color is needed, like in this bracelet, I choose K.O. thread .
I like K.O. because it's already waxed and it's thinner than Nymo or C-lon. But, as I realized yesterday, it's not as strong enough as Fireline or Nymo.
I've put about 5 hours of work in this bracelet, but just when I finished hiding all the threads and thought to myself 'Done!' (at 4 AM in the morning), the thread broke in the middle and a few seed beads fell out. Probably one of the fire polished beads cut it.
I was mad! I wanted to take the scissors and cut the bracelet into pieces. I cried instead, like a baby... I then had to thread the needle with a new K.O. to stitch together the broken parts. Just to be on the safe side, I passed through all the beads again. So, it actually turned out like beading the bracelet again, and of course, like using doubled thread... Lesson learned.
I like the textured result, though.

February 24, 2010

Wire Wrapped Pendant

I am enjoying the new love affair... This is a simple pendant, created with 3 sizes of (pre-made) hammered hoops which are connected by wrapped wire with some beads embellishment.
It was a bit difficult to me to keep the wire wrapped close together on the hoops, because their width is changing. Adding the Swarovski daisies was challenge, too, because they cut the 28 gauge wire several times...

Wire working seem to be much fun, although not as much relaxing as beadweaving to me.. I am yet to get used to this technique and feel comfortable using different wire gauges and pliers. I decided to take it slowly by working on small projects each time.
My next wire project will be a bracelet with similar materials. First attempt of creating it failed (and almost a whole spool of wire was wasted..) as I didn't construct it well. I will post photos if and when it's finished.

February 16, 2010

Wire Jewelry

This purple/fuchsia pendant is my first finished wire work. I started working on it yesterday at a workshop (the first for me), instructed by Angelika Motzkin at Bogal's. I wanted to learn the basics of making wire jewelry for a long time now. I waited a long time for Angelika's workshop and it was worth it! I receive some good tips from her and enjoyed her clear instructions.

At the end of the workshop Angelika showed us some of her wire jewelry and... I am not the only one who was almost speechless... Each and everyone of her creations is a jaw-dropper! Her work of art is so intricate, abundant and inspiring...
Her beadwoven pieces are as much beautiful. It's a pity that she doesn't have a website (as for now), but you can see a bit of what I am so excited about in this bead art necklace of her, which came in as a finalist in Bead Dreams 2009 competition.

*October 2011 UPDATE: Angelica now has a web site, where you can see some of her amazing works:

Angelika, if you are reading this - Thank you so much for a wonderful, inspiring workshop. I enjoyed every minute of it!
Thank you too, Gloria of Bogal, for taking care of everything and for making everyone feel comfortable.  ;)

Today, I woke up and immediately set down to complete the purple pendant. The plan was to attach it to a necklace with linked wire components (as in Angelika's sample), but my daughter fell in love with it, so I decided to give it to her, hanging from a simple sterling silver necklace (she's allergic to other metals). I turned the one single part I created for the necklace into another pendant and hung it from a simply strung necklace.

I can't wait to finish all the other works that are on my To-Do list, so I can start a whole new wire project. This is really fun!

February 09, 2010

Treasures By the Sea

EBW challenge theme for February was Ocean/Sea Inspired. What a great source of inspiration it was! No wonder there are 46 (!) entries this month. Voting is going to be very hard, as there is an abundance of great pieces!
My entry "Treasures by the Sea" necklace is # 5 on the list.

Voting lasts until the 15th, so don't miss out your chance to check out all entries and vote for your favorite!