July 22, 2011

New - Antique Silver Necklace with Crystal Pendant

I haven't done much beading in the past month. All these eye tests I had to make and the fact that even with my new multi-focal glasses (I had those replaced for me twice last month, but I still don't see 100% well with them), made me feel a bit nervous & depressed and made beading being an uncomfortable task. One eye test - which I feared the most about its results - came out (relatively) good :) , and the doctor said that even though the only treatment for the problem is laser eye surgery, it is up to me if I want to have it now, or I can wait and see if there are any changes in the next scheduled tests in every six months. I want to wait and see (pun intended ;) what happens... I am now using another new eyeglasses just for computer & beading work, and it works and feels much better. I am optimistic! :)

This is my newest necklace - herringbone rope with strung beads and a bead embroidered pendant with Swarovski crystal beautiful chessboard stone, and I also beaded matching stud earrings. I like how the necklace turned out - it reminds me of the silver jewelry my grandfather used to make. It has a bit of antique feel to it thanks to the beautiful Miyuki Duracoat #4222 seed beads I used for the main color. I started working on a matching bracelet about a week ago, but I got stuck with the design and my Muse has left me again, so it is still waiting, unfinished, on my beading tray...


  1. You've created something special once again!It's simply stunning!

  2. A very beautiful piece, the earrings are so cute

  3. Hi,Smadar:-)
    I can say-I missed You and Your beautiful Work.I watched Your Blog meanwhile very often and thought,You were on vacations.
    Your eyesight has made me sad and anxious a bit,I thought about beading,which might be tiring for Your eyes.I know something about it,because recently I have had the new pair of glasses fitted.Of course,a little stronger,than previous ones.We bought also the special lamp-very good one,of a very similar construction to the surgeon's one-no shadows at all and no lies concerning colors.Now it's much better to bead.
    Laser operations nowadays are not very frightening-either for the specialists,or for the patient,but,of course,it's better to use them only,when the real necessity arose.
    I do hope,everything's going to be O.K. and You can do without it.
    I love Your new set:as for texture,for special stitch,for full harmony of colors,crystals and beads.Shortly saying:-it's perfect and reminds ideally those old,good,antique pieces.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  4. Fantastic necklace, I love it!!!

  5. Beautiful pieces, Smadar! I hope all of your eye issues are soon solved and you will be back to beading full steam...best of luck!

  6. Thank you all so much!

    Dear Halinka, You're so kind! Thanks for the well wishes for my eyes. Having good light from both sides of my working table is essential for me too, otherwise I wouldn't be able to work long hours. I am happy for you feeling better with your new glasses and lamps! :)

  7. Gorgeous! Beautiful work!

  8. Very elegant jewelry set in design and colors.
    It is reminiscent of long forgotten times.
    Kind regards: