July 13, 2011

Published in Creative Beading Vol. 6

I love the smell of the pages in a new book. Today I opened a large package received in the mail and before I finished unwrapping it, I noticed the special smell of a new book. It was Creative Beading Vol. 6 by Kalmbach Publishing - an annual book of collection of projects picked by Editors of Bead&Button magazine. Two of my designed are published in it: Layered Loops bracelet and Fine Woven Rings necklace.

Amongst the various sections and 77 projects included in this book, there are two beadwoven stunning necklaces by Melissa Grakowsky; beautiful wire wrapped earrings by Sonia Kumar; a gorgeous bead-embroidered cuff by Heidi Kummli; a very interesting "beadpunk" (steampunk with beads) necklace by Diane Hyde; a chainmaille & lampwork bead  collaboration bracelet by Kathy Peterson and Susan Matych-Hager, and many, many other beautiful designs in a large variety of styles and techniques!

Layered Loops Bracelet

  Fine Woven Rings Necklace


  1. HI,SMADAR:-)
    First,I'd like to thank You for the nice comment upon my bracelet/Happy to have discovered it! :-)/
    Secondly-I can admit-I do not know entirely the books You have recommended,I'd have to look into that matter seriously:-)I love all kind of 'beading books' and I have been collecting them since I started my beading adventure.
    Third case: I have checked the sites of artists,mentioned by You and...I am disappointed a little.Maybe it is not my cup of tea at all,or only the matter of taste,but all those pieces,I can see at YOUR SITE are much more better!It's not because I'd like to compliment You,or something like that...I'm trying to direct myself by senses,or intuition,or..let's call it some kind of 'artistic instinct' :-)
    I see the sophisticated taste in all Your Works,which is dictated by fantastic feeling of form,texture,shape,color and size,which makes Your creations simply - elegant.I felt a little lack of these factors in the works I'd seen there.
    Both of Your bracelets are fabulous!No words to add :-)
    Warm Greetings from DK - Halinka-

  2. Congratulations for being published! Your work is truly outstanding :)

  3. Sehr schöne Werke hast Du da gemacht !
    LG Uschi

  4. Thank you everyone for your warm comments!

    Halinka, I think it is a matter of taste after all... :-) I for one, find great inspirations in the works of some of the bead artists featured in the book (and elsewhere - there are so many talented beaders out there!). But thanks so much for your compliment!!! :)

  5. Congratulations on your success and beautiful beadwork!
    -Eva Maria

  6. Wow!!!! what a beauty!!! i love it!