August 08, 2011

Summer 2011 - Heat, Health and Hope...

My Muse is gone.... It's probably the combination of July/August heat, my eyes getting tired too quickly and the excitement I feel about people's protest over the huge social-economic gaps that is taking place here in Israel in the last couple of weeks. Daily life worries and health problems can be a real turn off to any creativity sparkle... 

Last Saturday night, I joined the largest ever protest parade in Israel that took place in Tel Aviv, as well as in many cities throughout the country and in my town. I came back home all sweaty and tired, but my spirit was filled with fresh energy and hope. It was amazing to see (and be part of) a large group of good people making an effort in trying to make our life and our children's future better... It was a great reminder of how beautiful, united, supportive and strong Israeli people still are, even though this time the issue was not our complicated security situation, but about fighting social injustice and corruption - the main reasons for our domestic social problems ... I am looking forward to a real change, even if I know it would take more time and effort before we can feel it!... 

Okay, back to beady subjects... This necklace is the ONLY thing I created since my last post (I still haven't finished the bracelet I wanted to make to complete the set of necklace & earrings I created...). My inspiration for this necklace was one of Lisa Peter's Art beads, used for a wire wrapped pendant. The colorful beads in the necklace are Indonesian "trade" glass beads - beautiful, irregular shaped handcrafted & hand-painted striped large "seed beads", strung on orange cotton cord. 


  1. The colors are wonderful...well and safe wishes to you!
    -Eva Maria

  2. Einfach nur : Schön !
    LG Uschi

  3. ¡Tiene unos colores cálidos preciosos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your designs (and your life!) always inspire me, as a person and as a beader! Beautiful colors and textures - stunning in their simplicity.

  5. Hi,Smadar:-)
    What can I tell You...such life is nowadays.
    The events in Israel remind me all of these in Poland I had to get through-You probably know,what I mean-I see You are not only interested in everything,what goes around the economy and politics,so possibly You read some years ago about my native country's fight for freedom and independence.I do hope,everything ,which is unpleasant and controversial,is only a temporary situation and it will pass someday.Let us hope ,there are still reasonable people in the Parliament of Your Country,also the citizens can do a lot.The solution to all the problems must be found at last.

    The necklace is fantastic.Looks so beautiful in all those warm colors.I love Your Work and You possibly know that :-)
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  6. Thank you so much, everyone! :)

    Halinka, yes, I remember the struggle of your country, and its outcome is a proof that the people do have the power to make a change for the better...

  7. beautiful design and warm colours