August 20, 2009

Gem Stones Free Form Bracelet

I bought these gold Toho 3-cut 8/0 seed beads from The Bead Parlor (yes, they do ship outside the US, thanks again, Shelly!) and I was very pleased to discover that they sparkle even more than in the photos. They are gorgeous! The 3-cut shape gives them extra shine and a very nice texture, too.
The first idea I came up with of what to use them for was an oriental design. I though that August's birthstone Peridot, Carnelian, Garnet and Amethyst gem stone beads would make a nice combination with the bright gold.


  1. I wish that photos were as gorgeous as the piece. It is so hard to catch the colors. Your work is ALWAYS beautiful but I am in love with that bridal bracelet!!

  2. It looks gorgeous! I bet it looks more prettier in real life! :)

  3. Lovely!!
    Wonderful desing!

  4. Thank you all very much!

    SharDon & mdmB - true, it's so hard to photograph jewelry! Sometimes you have to take dozens of them before you're able to capture the right color and sparkle.. Thanks God I don't have to do it myself.. ;)

  5. Thank you, Beverly! the bride is kind of a queen on her wedding day.. :)