August 16, 2009

August in Israel...

I wish the summer was over, I can't stand the heat and humidity anymore! I miss the fall, or better the spring...(I don't like the winter. I feel like a bear with all the cloths on). The weather makes me nervous-- I hate sweating, but I hate the sound of the air condition even more.. I can't sleep well.. I'm always tiered... very hard to concentrate on the work, even in the late night hours. I'm going crazy.

The only good thing I can think of August right now is that it's the weddings season, and weddings are always so exciting!..
Today I finished working on this cuff, made especially upon the request of a cute bride-to-be. Her wedding is going to take place on the beach, so she asked for a simple design, in clear, silver and just a bit of silver colors, that reminds the soft sand and the waves on the beach. This is the design I came up with for her bracelet (I'm happy, she was very pleased :).

This is the first time I've created something by following a graph of the pattern, and I have to admit that it was hard for me to do (it's the ^&*%$%# heat! ;), and maybe it was even harder because I had to use three kinds of clear seed beads with slight differences in the color. I now admire artists like SandFibers even more than before. She creates her lovely intricate designs using tiny Delica beads. Amazing!. It is really a hard, challenging work and very time consuming! I am not sure I'll do this kind of work again. OK, maybe I'll do it again, but only in the fall or winter...or if a cute bride asks me.. :)

This is another necklace I recently finished working on-- a simple design in bright colors. Great for summer, isn't it?.. ;)


  1. I am compelled to post a comment.
    First, I had no idea that it got cold in Israel. I somehow thought it would always be warm there.

    I have always admired your work. Now knowing that you don't use a gragh pattern, I can only liken your talent to a person that can just pick up a musical instrument and play a tune they have heard. My aunt could do that on the piano.

    An I agree, Carol certainly has a wonderful talent for transforming her designs into pattern.

  2. I love both pieces! Working in monochrome is so difficult. I like the way you've used the different finishes to bring out the design in the bracelet.

    The flower is very elegant!

  3. Both pieces are great! I don't know that I could do the different whites - it'd make my eyes cross!

  4. Congratulations, as always amazing. You are my favorite designer... I have no doubt! A cordial greeting from Spain.

  5. Thanks so much, everyone!

    Carol, in the winter it can get very cold here, but most of the time it's relatively warm..

    Joanne & Rose WOrks - true.. it's difficult because it makes the eyes cross.. :D

  6. Very nice design. I can really feel with you concerning the heat in summer. Though I think that Israel is much hotter than here in Austria, I feel that summers are getting hotter every year. I prefer cold weather, the heat makes me crazy, just like you. I really can understand you very much about this. I also am happy when August is finally over.

  7. Anamcara, thanks! The heating of our globe is very concerning..

  8. Smadar, sorry to hear about the heat . . . I feel your pain!

    The bride's bracelet is absolutely gorgeous - you did her well!

    Fall is right around the corner . . .