August 10, 2009

"First Lady of Style" Challenge

First Lady of Style was the theme for the EBW August challenge. There are 30 entries this month - a gorgeous, varied collection of styles. My entry is # 22 on the list.

This month only, the voting poll have been moved over to HERE and voting will last until the 17th.

This is what I came up with for this challenge. I was inspired by the style of the Sex and the City main character, Carrie Bradshaw. Multi-chain necklaces and pearls are commonly used to complement Carrie's sophisticated look, and many of them became hot trends.


  1. Very elegant and wonderful jewel!!!

  2. Oh yes, this is a treasure indeed. A piece of art - just excellent.

  3. This is a beautiful piece of art! I am working on a bead embroidery cuff bracelet right now that I am enjoying so much. Your work is absolutely lovely. someday maybe I will be able to get the colors right to fit the pattern to fit the size of bead but unti then I will enjoy getting inspiration from your beauties.

  4. Thanks so much, everyone!

    Sharon, thank you & what you said about getting everything right - I think that everyone who create with beads has to go through this process with every new design. I find it to be the fun part.. :)

  5. This is so incredibly stunning! And sexy. Any woman would be lucky to have this around her neck.

  6. Beautiful desing!!
    I love the vintage look you´ve got.

  7. Very, very elegant! Beautiful work! Congratulation!