July 20, 2009


I was playing with the beads (while the song "all we are sayin' is give peace a chance" kept playing in my head :)), trying to weave the hippie peace sign that has recently made a comeback in fashion accessories, and this is the first result.
I want to try to create a three dimensional version of this pendant, using brighter colors. It is so much fun translating things to beadweaving!

But this would have to wait until I finish sending in two new projects for Bead & Button magazine (this is taking me forever...).
I also need to start working on my entry for the next EBW challenge.. and finish an embroidered cuff that has been on the works for weeks now. Time... you know..

And I am looking forward to having Ardjan's mother coming from Holland to spend a lovely week with us. Last time she visited us, she tried to teach me how to do tatting with a shuttle, but I just didn't get it well then and forgot all she taught me the day after she left... :(
She makes beautiful designs using this technique (two of her samples are in this photo) and I really want to learn, so I thought that this time it would be best to film or photograph the whole process, step by step, so I can keep trying until I succeed. I already have some ideas of using tatting and beadweaving together in a design and I can't wait to try it again. I hope I will soon have a new tatting work of my own to share!.. ;)


  1. I love your peace sign, Smadar!!! It's the best adaptation to beadweaving of that symbol I have seen yet :D

    Tatting...oh my! It's one of those things that will be on my list of "want to learn's" forever, I'm afraid. Wonderful artform...

  2. Wonderful translation into beadweaving! The 3-D one will be amazing too, I'm sure!

    I love tatting and have some examples. I didn't realize there was a tatting tool that is used. Good luck learning!

  3. It's a splendid idea , and so well done ! Congratulation.

  4. Really beautiful, original and good idea.

  5. your beading is lovely! Oh, BTW, I wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway! Be sure to come on over and join in! It's a chance to win a "Learn to Tat" book, shuttle and thread! The book even comes with a DVD! :)

  6. I've seen so many beautiful things made with tatting technique!!! It looks so complicated tough...

    Love the peace pendant.

  7. Thanks so much, everyone :)

    BeadsForever - I (theoretically) know of at least two ways to tat - with a shuttle and some kind of a needle.

  8. Hi Smadar! I am passing on the Premio Meme Award to you! http://glitterglowbeading.com/?p=460

  9. Thank you very much, Emma, I'm honored! :)

  10. I remember one time I tried to learn how to tat and never could do it right. I admire anyone that can tat, it's a very lovely art form.

    I love your beaded Peace Sign.

  11. Thank you, Louise :) Tatting art is a lovely art form.. I still need a lot more practice, but I think I got the basic idea..