July 09, 2009

Here Comes the Bride - EBW July Challenge

I created this bridal set of jewels especially for the EBW July challenge - Here Comes the Bride. Please visit the EBW blog from the 9th until the 15th, view all 39 entries and vote for your favorite. I assure you it's worth the click...all entries are gorgeous and it's interesting to see each member's take on the theme. My entry is # 27 on the list.

This photo was taken by my dear son, who wanted to try catching the many sparkles 
of the crystals in this necklace. He did quite a good job at it, didn't he?

It seems that waiting patiently for my beadweaving muse was worth it in many ways.. After a month or so of general depression and no inspiration for beading, ideas suddenly came up in my mind one after the other... It really felt great beadweaving again, like meeting a good old friend after a long time and having so many things to say to each other...

During the waiting time, except for reorganizing my working area and bead boxes; teaching my kids a few lessons in cooking and "re-discovering" the little garden-in-boxes I have in my balcony, I also spent some time doing some...sport activities. :0) I can't even believe myself...I am so not a sports person...I usually get tiered just by thinking of it... :D Ardjan though it would be a great way to chase the depression away and I think he was right. It did help a bit.
He and I took a long ride on the bike in Tel Aviv port area one day. Thank God riding the bike is not something you forget how to do.. Ardjan, the crazy super-fast rider, had to ride slowly in order to stay in my pace... I felt like a sweat soaked sponge after finishing the 10km+ track and I then thanked God again, this time for keeping me alive during the ride...;)
We also took long walks in the evenings, when the heat was bearable, after which we exercised in the gym area we have in the park near home. And I also did some stretch exercises that my (beading) body really needed...It felt great doing all this stuff.., except for the muscles pains that came afterward...;)
Well, maybe it was too much activity for a start, but I really hope that laziness will not take over me again and I will make at least some of those activities as part of my routine.. so far so good.. :)

Now back to the beading table to finish the new bracelet I'm working on...


  1. Magnifique cette parure.Elle inspire la pureté Bravo !!!!!!!!!

  2. Very nice set. And such elegant!!

  3. Thanks so much cassiopee, Teca and Alexandra :)

  4. Wow, very elegant. Excellent for a great wedding.

  5. Thank you, Anamcara! Weddings are great, aren't they?.. so much excitement.. :)

  6. That necklace is very pretty!

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