April 13, 2008

One Beaded Tassel

I beaded this tassel and used a golden chain to hang it from, but I don't really like how it came out. It looks a bit strange and not in the right proportions to me.

Everyone who saw this tassel thought that it is going to be hanging on my curtains and asked where the other one is... Ha ha! :P That lead me to think that I can make another one for earrings, but the big metal bead alone is too heavy for an earring, so I dropped the idea.
I want it as a part of a necklace, like I originally planned. I don't know yet what necklace I am going to bead, but I do know that I want it attached to something that is BOLD! What do you think?


  1. Thank you, Eva :)
    I am still thinking what to do with it..

  2. Smadar,
    .........if by any chance you need a bead like that....just let me know :-)


  3. Thanks, Zebra. I have one more, in case I will want to make a pair of them.. ;P LOL