April 10, 2008

My New Saraguro Bracelet

After a long time that I haven't beaded anything new, yesterday I stayed till late at night to finish my new Saraguro bracelet.

Many thanks goes to Judith27k, for introducing this lovely technique to our beading commune a few monthes ago. Judith also designed a bracelet using the traditional stitch and pattern (mine is with some modifications), which she taught and shared with other beading-commune members. This design was also featured on the artist Louise Hill's designs blog. Thank you, Judith!

I really love to make jewelry using this technique and after I have managed to figure out how it's done, I have already made a few bracelets using it, like this version or as you can see in my Carnelian beads version, that I really love, and in the Swarovski crystals version (with some stitching modifications).
I am now thinking of a way to use the Hojas pattern to make a collar that will complement a set with this bracelet. I like the original Saraguro Hojas collar, but I want to make a collar that is more casually wearable. I hope I will be able to come up with a good design…


  1. It's a beautiful pattern.
    I'm sure you'll come up with a nice design for the collar ! I can't wait to see the result, the Saraguro patterns are so beautiful !

    Good luck with your trials !

  2. Smadar - the bracelet is wonderful and so delicate. Again, the clasp is genious!
    You gave me a great idea with the movie maker - I didn't know about it beforehand and now I will try it at home.
    This bracelet will appear there :)

    Have a nice day,

  3. really lovely pattern and colours!

  4. another stunner!!!!! delicate, pretty and yet a stong modern design... Love it!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  5. Oh, this pattern is a very good idea!!! The bracelet is elegant, delicate and the colours are perfect!!!

  6. Thank you so much for your kind word, everyone!

    Judith, I'm glad I could help, even just a little.. :)

  7. I love this one! I have made a few Saraguro collars as well as a bracelet, and they are not easy!! Keep up the great work! :D

  8. Thank you, LB :)
    I didn't know that you make jewelry as well.. I would love to see your Saraguros :)

  9. I love this cuff! Beautiful and delicate.

  10. Amazing how the type and color of the beads change this bracelet!! I guess it counts for every jewelry piece, but this is special!!