March 28, 2013

Urban Retro Chic Bracelet

Urban Retro Chic bracelets were beadwoven in August 2012. August 2012!? How could I possibly forget about this tutorial project for so long? I had the two bracelets photographed and all the illustrations ready last summer, but for some (wicked) reason, I dropped the project and forgot to complete the instructions and to merge all the materials into one file. Well, I am glad I did some "Passover cleaning work" on my computer and found the unfinished project...

This is a project where I used the so popular and loved Twin beads in a new way...or, so to speak, looked at them from a new different angle!.... ;-)
And as in many of my beading projects, the work is done in one continuous stitch, so it's quite fun and quick to finish.

The tutorial for this bracelet is now completed and listed in my Etsy shop!.

And I just came to think of it -  it's not all bad that I forgot to finish the project last year, because the contrasting colors version of the bracelet in black and silver is fitting to this year's summer color trend!... ;)



  1. Very Cool. I like the bracelet in both colors however, the black and white is my favorite.

  2. Preciosas las pulseras. Me gustan mucho, sobre todo la primera en rojo y negro. Un saludo

  3. Looks fabulous! I like the way you play with beads:-)
    BR: Zsuzsanna