October 26, 2013

Grained Leaf Pendant with Rulla Beads

This is a new pendant I designed, using Czech two-hole Rulla (Rula) beads, Swarovski crystal Rivoli stone and Japanese seed beads. The leaf shaped pendant has a 3-dimensional and textural grained look thanks to the use of Rulla beads, and it can be hung from any type of necklace.

The tutorial for this pendant is available in both shops - in my Etsy the file is available for instant download, and in my Artfire the PDF file is sent by me via email. 

This is a rather fast and easy to bead project!


  1. This is the prettiest piece I've seen with rullas by far. I like the way you organized them. It look a little like a cobblestone path.

  2. You know I've been wondering about those rulla beads. Funny little things that I couldn't imagine in a finished piece. Thanks for that!
    Matt metallic (?) finish makes this pendant look as if it's ancient :)

  3. I was given some Rullas to design a piece with and I was completely stymied! This is another super design Smadar. Wow.

  4. Thank you, Gwen, Katrin and Marsha!
    These two-hole beads are indeed challenging, but so much fun to design with!