September 05, 2011

Magical Magatamas

Last month at a wedding party, I met a few people I haven't seen in a couple of years. We chatted a bit and they asked me what job do I have and I told them that I am a jewelry designer. Then they were very surprised that I don't wear any jewelry (mine or others), and they said that I am a living example of  "a shoemaker who is walking barefoot" (it's an old Hebrew say). Funny, but true!... I stopped wearing jewelry long before I had started beading due to allergy to metals I had developed, and somehow I got used to being "jewelry-naked" (except for a watch, if that counts). I promised my relatives to show them some of my work the next time we meet, which would be next week in another family relative's wedding. I decided to wear a nice jewelry set to show off at the coming wedding... After all, my jewelry is made from glass beads, so there shouldn't be any allergy excuse... ;)

Luckily, my Muse cooperated and I managed to finish this new necklace and matching bracelet on time before the wedding (a tutorial is also ready & available). They are made with seed beads, glass pearls, Swarovski crystal beads and Miyuki long Magatama beads. (I take this opportunity to thank the people of Bogal, who are always very helpful and come to my rescue whenever I run out of beads before the project is finished... Thank you, Gloria and Avishai for an excellent customer service!).

Once again I had a challenging (read: annoying) designing process with those Magatamas (mainly because of their large, diagonal holes), but I love them, and I didn't want to give up on the texture they add to the beadwork. I am very pleased with the result! The necklace is laying nicely around my neck and the bracelet is softly draping  my wrist.

Now all I have to do is to find something nice to wear that goes with this set, which is another challenge for me! I never had to match the clothes to the jewelry - it usually goes the other way around, right?... ;D


  1. Wonderful set, I love its design and colors very much!!!!!!!

  2. Love this! They make me think of tiny feathers, the way uouve arranged the magatamas.

  3. Breathtaking!!! What a great design, Smadar. Your family should be dazzled.

  4. Beautiful story and intricate your style,
    -Eva Maria

  5. Wow!!! I have no words!!
    is a true wonder!

  6. Hello,Smadar:
    The nice pieces of jewellery again!
    Magatamas are really special-I have seen them in many other designs and always looked so decorative and original.I personally have never bought them,but,everything's just before me,I will discover their charm someday,as You have done:-)
    It's a pity,I couldn't see the details of Your pieces so clearly,as the photos couldn't be zoomed more,than You have published.I know: maybe because of the safety-whether nobody has stolen Your design and took it as the own one...I do not know...You know better,why:-)
    The colors and textures are unrepeatable.YOu know-I love Your designs so much:-)They are all so special.
    One question to You yet:is there any vision of better life in Israel now?Have the things improved a little?Is there any hope?...
    As I told You before: it reminds me my older days in Poland.very similar economical situation,thought with a little different background...
    Warm Hugs and Kisses-Halinka-

  7. An amazing design with this special sorts of Japanese beads. The story behind is simply great!
    With my best greetings:

  8. Beautiful design,lovely colors!
    Best greetings

  9. Very pretty beading work you have shared almost looks like knitting or weaving...must have required good knowledge and patience to do up the same...very nice party combination.Rembrandt Charms 

  10. Fabulous work...beautiful story.
    -Eva Maria