September 27, 2011

BAO Color Challenge

I love beading challenges... they push my creativity. More than once I designed things that I probably wouldn't have done if it wasn't for the challenge. Challenges also force me to work on a project - from start to finish - within a time frame, which I find to be a good exercise for my concentration at work. If I had enough time, I would have participated in each and every one of them...There's the EBW monthly challenge; the ABG challenge and a few others that I don't recall now, but I really enjoy entering the Bead Art Originals color challenge.

Given a specific color palette to work with , I enjoy looking over my bead stash to find the right colors for the challenge. That way, I get to see (and use) different kinds of beads that I have long forgotten about their existence... It's fun, and it also sparkle up my creativity!

This bracelet was created especially for the latest BAO color challenge.
I really liked the spicy colors picked up for it (see photo below). I found leftovers of Czech pressed glass spacer beads in very dark chili pepper red that was perfect for the challenge, and designed the whole bracelet around them. With the tiny bit beads that were left, I created a matching button clasp.

Check out the BAO blog to see other member's entries for this challenge

The bracelet came out Xceptionally TeXtured (that's the name I gave it) - the spacer beads add texture to the bracelet and make a repetitive X pattern. I made one more bracelet in cold/warm colors for testing a shorter thread path for the tutorial I made for this design. New thread path worked just fine and much quicker, and I managed to finish the second bracelet in just two hours! :)

This Wednesday we are celebrating the Jewish New Year.

Let's hope that next year 
the wars & terror around the world will end;
poor people will have the ability to live decent lives they deserve 
to have as human beings ;
corruption will be eliminated; 
people will be more caring & nicer to each other;
and we'll manage to take a better care of our larger home - the globe;

 (yes, I know, it almost sounds like too far distant future...but it's up to us!)

I wish you all a very happy, loving, peaceful, prosperous and creative New Year!

Shana Tova!

*!שנה טובה*