May 10, 2011

Wheels of Fortune Bracelet

Wheels of Fortune Bracelets

When I designed my Wheels of Fortune bracelet, I tried to find a way to avoid the less enjoyable part of sewing the round components together. I often give up on an idea for a design if it would involve many separate parts that needs to be connected and too many threads that needs to be hidden. I played with the basic design and then came up with a rather easy way to do it. It's actually a way that can be easily implemented in other symmetric designs. 
But I can't tell you exactly how to do it, because the project of this bracelet is published in the latest (June/July 2011) issue of Beadwork magazine. So you would might be interested in getting a copy of the Beadwork magazine, which includes more than a few other wonderful projects; Quick and Easy bonus section and the fun, inspiring Pattern Play section!

The EBW May challenge voting is up! Check out the EBW blog to see what our members came up with for the Lord of the Rings challenge. Voting lasts until the 16th, so don't miss out, there are gorgeous works to see!

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***Happy 63 Birthday to Israel!***

!חג עצמאות שמח


  1. un joyeux anniversaire à notre pays..

  2. Beautiful bracelet and you are so right, it's the connections and zillions of loose ends that can drive us crazy. A GENIUS solution, Smadar!

  3. Thank you, Marsha! I am glad that you find this solution interesting, it makes things so much easier.. :)

  4. Smadar, I just got the Beadwork magazine at work today, (a little late perhaps, but still just on time)and I was SO very excited to recognize your name and design in it!!! Congratulations! Your bracelet rocks.

  5. Thank you, WhiteRabbit! :) And I thought that living outside the US, I am always last to receive my copy of the magazine... ;)