May 25, 2011

Spiky Branch Bracelet

This is my new bracelet named Spiky Branch. I couldn't decide if its pattern reminds me of a pineapple with its leaves or a palm tree with wide branches... Anyway, everyone in my family said it definitely reminds them of some kind of a branch it is! :) It's a relatively narrow bracelet, which is made with Miyuki long magatama beads, seeds, crystals and fire polished beads.

I love the long magatama beads, as they are offering more possibilities for a play with different textures and shapes in a piece. But their large, diagonal hole makes them quite challenging to work with. I was challenged by their unique shape in the past and have created Sparkling Wreath pendant / beaded bead, but this time I wanted to design something with a bit more of them in the piece and that's what I came up with. 
I learned a few things about this special beads while I designed this bracelet and I still have more of them in other colors and finishes, so playing with them isn't over yet... ;)

A tutorial for the bracelet is already available. I am also happy to let you know that all my tutorials are now available for both personal only and personal & commercial uses. 


  1. Wow this is stunning. I can add this to the other tutorials of yours on my wish list...I think I have about 6 now!!


  2. I think it is a beautiful piece inspired by nature of course...the aura of the material is just like gold which ads to the gorgeous beauty of the piece.Gift Ideas

  3. Thank you, Ladies! :)

    CharmN, I have to thank my photographer, Ardjan for taking great photos of my jewelry! The bracelet does have a feel of a gold metalsmith jewel :)

  4. This bracelet is so beautiful, have thanks for the wonderful tutorial

    look here:

  5. Thanks, Kristen, your bracelet came out beautifully! :)