November 08, 2010

Mixed Media Necklace

This simple necklace is the only work I have managed to create in the last couple of days. I have this terrible back ache again, which also badly influence my arm functioning and makes it feel numb. Despite all the pain, I enjoyed playing with the different materials and techniques, and I like the simple look of it. The beautiful large disc beads are made from nut tree nutshell. "Nuts" is pretty much how I go now...;) I have a lot of work to do, and this backache is ruining all my plans! ;(


  1. Das ist eine sehr hübsche Kette.Mit den Schmerzen ist nicht zu spaßen.Schau mal auf meinem Blog.Ich mache nichts mehr mit Perlen.
    Ich wünsche Dir gute Besserung und allse Gute....

  2. Oh Smadar, please be careful with your back. The fact that your arm is hurting/numb probably means that there's a pinched nerve involved. See a doctor if you can to avoid future complications.

    The necklace, as usual, is gorgeous, my friend! :D

  3. What a beautiful necklace! Get better soon! :/

  4. Dear Smadar, I have a back ache very often too, so I absolutely understand you!!! Carol is right, you have to be careful...!!!!
    The necklace is wonderful!!!!
    Kisses: Kati

  5. Oh I am so sorry your back is hurting. I am sending healing thoughts your way!
    I love this necklace you did such a lovely job!
    I am going back to read your last post but I wanted to tell you that I love the pendent in B&B and I was wondering if it would work with round seeds too? It will look gorgeous on my holiday tree!


  6. Thank you so much, everyone, for the compliments and well wishes!

    Carol - I think I don't have a choice but seeing a doctor about this :( it's making me nervous already...

    Kristen - it's possible, but take into account that the the result won't be as much "fine" lined and stiff as in with Delicas.
    I have tried the two options myself a few years ago, you can see the differences in result here:

  7. Wow!!! your work are amazing!!! i love it!!!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. I hope your back feels better soon. I can imagine how tiring it would be as well as frustrating that you can't bead for long!


  9. nuts, את מתכוונת אגוזים.
    לא הבנתי בדיוק ממה הדיסקים?
    חוץ מזה העבודה מהממת. very beautiful...
    אני אוהבת את השילובים שלך והדמיון שלך שמוביל אותך לתכשיטים כל כך יפים...

  10. Thank you all! I am trying to give my back a rest as much as I can...

    אירית, תודה, החרוזים עשויים מקליפת אגוז

  11. What a beauty! I just love how you combined all the different materials and textures into this piece and still kept the design simple and clean. The way you wired the two cords together to keep it laying flat was brilliant! Sorry to hear you are in so much pain with your back. Hope you get better real soon!

  12. Most elegant mixed media works! Be well!