October 28, 2010

A New Pendant Design and Some Good News

I have finished working on Sparkling Wreath tutorial - a cabochon pendant with crystals and Miyuki long Magatama beads. Playing with the design, I came up with three versions of the pendant (two of them are included in the tutorial available).

Other ideas for using these beautiful Magatama beads, with their challenging diagonal hole, came up while working, but I had no time for trying them too, so they went straight into my 'ideas' notebook. I wonder if I will ever have the chance to try any of the ideas written in that notebook. It's either that I am working very slowly, or the time flies faster than before... but ok,....I will spare you the rest of my usual rant about the lack of time... ;P

My Star Pendant is published in the latest December issue of Bead & Button magazine (top right corner on the cover; project on p.48). A video instructing this project is also available for Registered Users on the Bead & Button website. Thanks to Anna Elizabeth Draeger for editing this project. It was a pleasure working with you, Anna!

More good news about publications came in yesterday - two of my projects are going to be published in the next (Vol. 6) Kalmbach publishing Creative Beading annual book. Also a project for a medallions bracelet - stitched in a new technique, is going to be published in the June/July 2011 issue of Beadwork Magazine. Double Yay!

My friends from Bead Art Originals group also have some Extra! news to tell, so check out our blog to read all about it.


  1. Hi Smadar and happy birthday to you. I know you are young at heart and that is what counts. No matter what your age. Thanks for sharing all the good news. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Yo no tengo palabras para poder manifestar la admiración que tengo hacia su persona, por tanta creatividad y belleza de sus obras de arte, son fantástica y maravillosas, estupendas, elegantes y finas.......y me quedo sin saber que más decirle, porque es mucho más lo que quiero expresar, pero no sé como hacerlo....Felicidades y beso grandisimo.....

  3. Thanks so much Nicole!

    Muchas gracias, Lucy!

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  5. תודה רבה, דליה יקרה! :)

  6. Dear Smadar!
    I wish you a very happy birthday!
    Congratulations for your successes!!!!
    Kisses from Kati

  7. Happy birthday! And wonderful news about your patterns. I look forward to seeing them in publication

  8. Happiest of Birthdays to you. May all your wishes come true. I wish you enough of everything that is good in the world.
    I would love to get your latest patterns but the link is not working and your tutorial page does not have them yet. Can you send me the proper link to purchase them? illaya@broadstripe.net

  9. Thank you so much! :) Just sent you an email.

  10. Tienes unos trabajos maravillosos

  11. Ca me fait penser à mon étoile évidée avec un cabochon au milieu...; vous l'avez bien améliorée!!



  12. Thank you for your comment, Alexargai! This star is an improved variation of the 5 pointed star I made in 2008. I guess that we both are thankful to Japanese bead artist Yoshi Marubashi, who developed this wonderful and variable beadweaving technique.