February 27, 2010

New Bracelet in Soft Spring Colors

I usually like to work with Fireline thread for most beadworks, but when a softer result or matching color is needed, like in this bracelet, I choose K.O. thread .
I like K.O. because it's already waxed and it's thinner than Nymo or C-lon. But, as I realized yesterday, it's not as strong enough as Fireline or Nymo.
I've put about 5 hours of work in this bracelet, but just when I finished hiding all the threads and thought to myself 'Done!' (at 4 AM in the morning), the thread broke in the middle and a few seed beads fell out. Probably one of the fire polished beads cut it.
I was mad! I wanted to take the scissors and cut the bracelet into pieces. I cried instead, like a baby... I then had to thread the needle with a new K.O. to stitch together the broken parts. Just to be on the safe side, I passed through all the beads again. So, it actually turned out like beading the bracelet again, and of course, like using doubled thread... Lesson learned.
I like the textured result, though.


  1. It is a truly beautiful piece :) I understand the heartache :(

  2. Yet another beautiful design! Love your works!

  3. In spite all of the problems with thread, your bracelet is great!! I like it very much!

  4. it is beautiful! you have such exquisite taste for colors... I am a fan of your work!


  5. That looks very nice!

    Have a nice day, Cornelia

  6. Beautiful! I want to try wire work some time too.

    I love your designs!

  7. Thank you Boricua and Terri!
    Terri, as a beginner, I am already fascinated by wire work possibilities and fun..you should try!

  8. I am such a fan of your work. Love the colors and textures in your designs!

  9. Smadar, I am nominating you for the Sunshine blog award. You have always been very supportive and I appreciate it. Please visit my Blog to see the nomination: