February 16, 2010

Wire Jewelry

This purple/fuchsia pendant is my first finished wire work. I started working on it yesterday at a workshop (the first for me), instructed by Angelika Motzkin at Bogal's. I wanted to learn the basics of making wire jewelry for a long time now. I waited a long time for Angelika's workshop and it was worth it! I receive some good tips from her and enjoyed her clear instructions.

At the end of the workshop Angelika showed us some of her wire jewelry and... I am not the only one who was almost speechless... Each and everyone of her creations is a jaw-dropper! Her work of art is so intricate, abundant and inspiring...
Her beadwoven pieces are as much beautiful. It's a pity that she doesn't have a website (as for now), but you can see a bit of what I am so excited about in this bead art necklace of her, which came in as a finalist in Bead Dreams 2009 competition.

*October 2011 UPDATE: Angelica now has a web site, where you can see some of her amazing works:

Angelika, if you are reading this - Thank you so much for a wonderful, inspiring workshop. I enjoyed every minute of it!
Thank you too, Gloria of Bogal, for taking care of everything and for making everyone feel comfortable.  ;)

Today, I woke up and immediately set down to complete the purple pendant. The plan was to attach it to a necklace with linked wire components (as in Angelika's sample), but my daughter fell in love with it, so I decided to give it to her, hanging from a simple sterling silver necklace (she's allergic to other metals). I turned the one single part I created for the necklace into another pendant and hung it from a simply strung necklace.

I can't wait to finish all the other works that are on my To-Do list, so I can start a whole new wire project. This is really fun!


  1. Hi Smadar. The piece is simply lovely!!! Great job. Of course you know how I feel about your art so no wonder I would like this as well.

    Happy day to you

  2. Hallo Smadar
    Das ist fantastic.I wird versuchen es.