October 14, 2009

Video Tutorials

Recently, a few beaders wrote to me, telling about their first steps in the beadweaving world. This reminded me of my own first steps, when as a self-taught beader, I used to spend long hours on trying to learn the basic techniques, until I had grasped them.  I think that workshops are the best way to learn beadweaving, but if one, for any reason, can't attend them, there are still ways to learn without having to follow illustrations - video tutorials on the internet.  (I never attended any workshop because I couldn't afford them, so I mostly learned from illustration). I found a whole section of them (as well as articles and SBS instructions) on Auntie's Beads site. I watched some of them and I think they are great. So if you are a beader and you can't use illustrations, you might find these very helpful...
While I was browsing Auntie's Beads site, I also found these Awareness pink beads. Aren't they beautiful?

Think Pink Bracelet

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