October 24, 2009

Different Approach in Designing

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a very nice lady from Claspgarten - a German company which manufactures high-quality clasps of many kinds. She asked me if I could design a few items and use their clasps in them.

Usually, when I bead a bracelet or a necklace, I first bead them and then I look for the clasp I think would complement and work best in the design. And if I then can't find the right clasp, I just beadweave one. I thought it would be interesting for me to try building a whole design around the clasp.

I realized that although the process is similar to building a design around a focal bead or a pendant, it's still a bit different because of the clasp's functionality.
In addition, I didn't get to choose the clasps and when I received them I realized that 4 0f 5 of them are not in the style I would normally pick, so it was a bit of a challenge and a good chance to see if I can come up with a nice idea for using them.

In this necklace, I decided that the clasp should also act as a bead and be placed on the front side of the necklace. I had to try several bead additions and arrangements in order to have the necklace's weight balanced, because the clasp itself (of high quality rhodium plated with Swarovski crystals) is quite heavy, and also to make sure that the whole arrangement allows the wearer to open and close the clasp easily.

The second item I've created using another one of the clasps she sent me, is this bracelet. I love using metal clasps for my bracelets and this beautiful rhodium plated clasp was no exception.

I still have 3 more clasps to go, so the fun continues...


  1. What an honor to be so singled out! The clasps (and, of course, the beadwork to go with them) are lovely :)

  2. Beautifully done! And I know how hard it is to work within restraints - I too usually go with my muse and then find the bits and pieces to complete it.

  3. Fantastic bracelet indeed. Wonderful work.

  4. Thank you all so much!

    Beverly, it is a bit hard to work withing restrictions, but I enjoy learning a few new things about different materials (and about myself) along the process. So it's a win-win situation here... :)

  5. Smadar - You do them well! I noticed your work is on their website! Yay for you!

  6. Thanks so much, Janice, me and them have a new "love affair".. :)