March 28, 2009

Good News and New Necklace & Earrings

I've received good news from Bead&Button magazine, that they are going to publish one of my necklaces in the October-November issue! Yey! :)

I don't bead much lately, mainly because my muse is probably being "mean" to me... I try to start a new work, one of many that I had an idea for, but then I get stuck with picking the right colors and/or the size of beads, or the idea is just not working and I have to unpick the work time after time. So I end up frustrated.
I hate it when it happens, but I decided not to fight this too much - I just sketch the ideas in my notebook and leave them for a later time, when my muse will "play" nicely with me... :)
I anyhow don't have a lot of time for beading, as Passover Holiday is coming soon and there's a lot of preparations to do.
I also volunteered to coordinate the BAO Welcomes Spring Sale & Giveaways, coming soon. You better keep an eye on the Bead Art Originals group , because there are going to be some gorgeous items to give away!


  1. good idea to get involved in other things, when the muse is not working correctly. I never push myself - never happy with the outcome. Congrats on the magazine, and happy Passover!

  2. Congratulations on the magazine piece! This is a lovely necklace and earrings!

  3. That *is* good news about Bead and Button! Congratulations, Smadar :D You and the Muse just need a little break from each other...something that can be good for any relationship. *hugs*

  4. When my muse takes a vacation, I look to other mediums and just play with color!

    Congrats on the Bead & Button magazine!!!

  5. Thank you, everyone! :)

    Beverly, before I started beading, I loved reading, sculpting and drawing, but when I try to do some of these things now, my mind is always distracted and I keep "beading" in my mind... :D
    I always have housekeeping work waiting to be done, so I am not getting bored.. :)

  6. That is a beautiful pieces...looks very Art Deco.

  7. congrats...

    gorgeous work...
    so glad we popped in for a visit

    mona & the girls

  8. very beautilul !

  9. Thank you so much, Agi mama, Waterrose and coco!

    Thanks to you too, Mona & the girls and Welcome! :)