January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!

My first post in 2009. Time flies… It's been just a little more than a year since I first started blogging. A lot has been happening in my life since then, both professionally and personally, good and bad… I think more good than bad, so I guess that makes it a rather good year for me… you know the song: "always look at the bright side of life" … :)
I wish us all a very happy, healthy, prosperous and successful New Year and most important - peaceful!

This new bracelet is quite a simple one, but I like it very much. I made it two weeks ago, when I needed to do something simple, between the few other works I had in progress. Now that I think of it, this bracelet's colors are symbolically reflecting the past year – bright colors mixed with the dark black, like life…

Since winter is finally here (we get to have only cloudiness and cold, but unfortunately not much rain so far. We really need rain… :() and the sun sets early before my photographer gets back from his day job, he couldn't take photos in daylight, so he built this home-made light tent. I think he succeeded in taking good photos, despite the lack of natural light, don't you think?


  1. very nice bracelet! You say simple - I say extravagant.

  2. Simple is good! Have a happy new year!

  3. Gorgeous cuff bracelet!!! I love seeing the light box *smiles* I am pondering making or buying one for myself so that I am not limited to taking pictures during certain hours of the day.

  4. Happy New Year to you. I love your bracelet !

  5. Thanks so much for your comments, everyone :)

    Kelly, it is so easy to make this box.. give it a try, and if you need any help - just ask ;)