April 23, 2008

Stripes in Herringbone Bracelet

Everytime I feel like making some bead work, but I'm too lazy to make something intricate, I use the Herringbone (Ndebele) technique.
I had not a very good mood in the past few days, and my first emboidered work got stuck... I just had to put it aside for a while... So, simple herringbone stitch worked fine for me ..


  1. very pretty Smadar!!! but don't give up on the embroidery :-)

  2. I agree, when frustration sets in making something that feels comfortable is good for the soul.

    Nice job!!! I Love the color choices.


  3. Thank you, Triz! I am not giving it up yet :)

    Thank you Louise, the colors where choosen by my daughter :)

  4. I know how bad it is when you are going through setbacks ... Herringbone is such an interesting stitch and the bracelet is just wonderful!

  5. Thanks, beadexplorer, and thank you for visiting my blog! :)