April 25, 2008

First Attempt at Embroidery

Well, here is a photo of my first WIP of embroidery, or more correctly, no progress…

I started with stitching small groups of black Czech 11/0 seed beads to make the curved lines. I decided to use small s/b, because I thought it would be easier to create curved lines. It wasn't easy, but I think I have done pretty well in keeping the lines curved.

Not the case when it came to filling in the areas between the black beads - you can see that the line of red beads is "broken". Not only this, but there are too wide spaces between the lines, where you can see the backing material. I don't know what I did wrong…I just worked the same way as with the black lines…

So, it looks like… shall I say a big mistake?... I had the image of the finished piece in my head (I wanted to use it as a patch to be sewed on a jeans bag), and what I have actually made is not even getting close to it…
I think I will leave this work and start another one, but this time more simple – something like a small brooch or a pendant, and leave the curves and waves of the image in my head for a later time, when I'm more comfortable and experienced with this technique.


  1. I like the pattern! I wonder if the beads wouldn't fill in better as you fill up the spaces? I did one bead embroidery piece years ago and remember feeling very frustrated by it!

  2. I hope you follow through with your bead embroidery. You have a lovely pattern and nice colors. I've been working on embroidery through the bead journal project and have learned a lot. Maybe you can get some inspiration and ideas if you check out the website (beadjournalproject.com)


  3. Thank you, Melody, and it's in my intention to finish this sometime in the future, because I really loved the pattern... :)

    Thanks, Susan, I saw some pieces of this wonderful project - they are really inspiring! I hope to get to this level of work sometime.. :)

  4. Beautiful pattern Smadar! looks like you are doing quite well with it... don't give up!!!! :-)

  5. Thanks Triz, your opinion about it is important to me :)

  6. Thank you, it is quite difficult for me to finish the piece, but I'm taking one step at a time..