January 24, 2008

How I Miss Wire Working..

Recently, seed bead weaving took over my mind and muse.

Usually I don't like to start a new work unless I finish the one I'm working on. However, since last Sunday and until now, I have started five (!) different works with seed beads. Ideas keeps coming up in my head, one chasing the other, creating big urge to implement them all.

I tried to switch to wire working, which I really like and haven't been doing for quite a long time. I miss making wire-crocheted bracelets, like the one in silver and blue beads, and I also had fun just playing with wire in my hands, until an idea came up, like the one with bugles and gold coloured wire.

Silver Wire Crocheted Bracelet

Wire and Bugles Bracelet (primary design)

That last one is actually a primary design that I made for the September 2007 monthly challenge project which is carried out in my beading commune. I remember that I then promised myself to work on this bracelet and its finish more professionally, but since then I didn't even remember where I put it in my drawers.. And now, I cannot even START a new work with wire...
That is for the seed beads to blame!..(What is it with those tiny beads?!)

I cannot focus and force myself to actually finish at least one work.
Although I feel happy being creative, at the same time it's starting to be confusing and frustrating, because I don't feel REALLY satisfied unless I have a finished work in my hands, and I also feel now like I have wasted precious time for nothing...

Any advise, anyone?


  1. Dear Smadar,
    That is exactly how we are different from machines. We have more productive phases, where new work just comes out under our hands like a conveyor belt. And at other times we experiment, play around, try different things. But don't you worry. nothing is in vain. It all comes together at the end and will culminate into something beautiful that is cooking there underneath. I just know it. You do too, don't you?
    Big hug,

  2. Maybe you should try to decide "I am doing one challenging project and one easy project in parallel". When one of them is finished you move to the next. Write on a paper all your ideas to try and experiment and you will find them back later. This is just an idea...

    N.B. The crocheted bracelets are wonderful! Especially the second one. They are perfect.

  3. You are right, Tali, Thanks & hug back :)

    Dear Judith,
    Although I already have a list (endless one..) , I'm sure going to try to focus on only two of different challenges, Thank you!