December 26, 2007

St. Petersburg Stitch

I saw this beautiful stitch on the April 2007 Bead & button issue.
At first, it took me some time to grasp the technique and I had to unpick the work several times. After I succeeded to make a little piece of work, it just fluently progressed.
I made a few jewelries by this stitch, and then I decided to try something new.
I made only one side of the pattern and used large drop beads on the edges, instead of seed beads.
I like this new look of the St. Petersburg jewel; don't you?

St. Petersburge bracelets with drop beads

A necklace with a lampwork focal bead

A bracelet with 6/0 seed beads, round glass beads 
and picots on the edges

A bracelet with 8/0 seed beads and faceted 4mm beads


  1. Smadar
    Your variations and combinations of the St. Petersburg Stitch are original and interesting!


  2. it is such a pleasre to see the unexpected and wonderful places where you take such a simple well-used technique.
    The bracelet is exquisite!

  3. I like your bracelet with the drop beads, such a good idea!! The other ones are beautiful, too!! You are very talented!