December 29, 2007

Healing Colours

I had a very bad day.
Usually, bead weaving relaxes me. But today, I wasn't able to start my work, just because I couldn't decide what colours to use for a new bracelet I intended to make.
I decided to give up colour matching. I randomly picked colours and forced myself not to think about matching them.
So here is the result - multicoloured Potawatomi-weave bracelet.
I truly felt much better after I finished it. I think that from now on, this is the way I'm going to use to overcome blue mood and pessimism -the use of lots of colours!


  1. Smadar

    Your multi-color/healing colors bracelet looks great!

    Joseph`s coat|wink|

  2. I love your work.. May I link you from my HP
    Thanks Angelica

  3. Zebra, thank you!

    Thank you! and sure, I'll be happy if you link :)