April 13, 2012

Out of the Frame Cuff Bracelet

I felt like working on something that I usually don't do much - design a peyote pattern and bead from it, so I came up with this two-drop, odd count pattern of rectangle "frames" in bright colors. 

I must honestly admit that following the pattern was hard for me and I kept stringing the wrong colors in every few rows. After too many times I had to unpick the work because I hadn't noticed the mistake on time,  I almost lost my patience and I had to push myself real hard to make me finish it...  ;D 

I salute beaders who can bead this kind of bands time after time and even on a daily basis! You are my beading heroes! ;)

This beading pattern is listed for sale on my Etsy and Artfire shops.


  1. Hi,Smadar:-)
    It's so nice to hear from You again.So nice to see Your new beadwork,in fine,happy colors as well.
    I know something about that kind of beadwork:-)D'You remember my 'beaded bag'?Possibly remember...it was the same-strictly framed pattern and to put one bead not in the certain row meant to spoil all the visual effect of the design.I also admire that kind of beaders,but mostly they make those designs with the help of a loom,which makes their efforts less strenuous and exhausting.But somehow,I do not like that loomwork.It looks more like the machinery beading,not very much artistic one,as the loom effects are too 'equal',wchich makes that'impersonal' looks of the whole item made that way.
    At the beginning,looking at Your new cuff,I was just about to write,that it looks so easy-as for You and Your abilities-even too easy:-)...but the repeatable patterns have never been 'too easy' :-)
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  2. Lovely colorway and design :)
    -Eva Maria

  3. Thank you, Eva, Uschi&Winni and Halinka!

    Halinka, I agree - there is no too-easy bead work. I also love textured beadwork (when I started bead embroidering, I was a worried about my work not being 'perfect', but then I learned to love the imperfections in it) , but there is also beauty in flat work, where you use colors to create the pattern, which is in my eyes, a sort of "texture".
    As for my abilities -- I have so much more to learn and practice, which is a good thing, because there is always something to look forward to! :)