March 02, 2012

Fringed Rosette Earrings

I had everything but illustrations for the tutorial of these Fringes Rosette Earrings ready and waiting for over a month. Because the rosette part of the earrings has a domed profile, making the illustrations of it was a real challenge... But it's finally done and the tutorial is available! The earrings are made with glass pearls, seed beads, bugles and Swarovski crystal beads (the earrings can be made without the fringe, so without the crystal beads).

Another item I had finished in the past couple of weeks is the blue necklace below. I beaded this necklace especially because I didn't include instructions for the pendant in Dainty Filigree Rope & Bracelet tutorial, and many of you had asked for more examples of necklaces made with the same rope pattern (actually, the rope can be sewed or attached to any pendant). I managed to finish it in no time and I love how it turned out! (I didn't realize it till now, but it came out with the American flag colors.. :)

The pendant in this necklace is a flat, drop shaped blue & white gemstone, which I bought a few years ago. I liked the stone so much that I was willing to buy it without knowing what kind of a gemstone it was (the store owner didn't know, either), although I had decided long before not to buy any more unidentified gemstones..*sigh*

I think it is not lapis lasuli, because it doesn't have the typical vivid blue of lapis, but it's more of denim blue mixed with white -- could it be blue Chalcedony?, or is it blue Agate? If any of you can tell what it is, I'd appreciate your help if you comment and let me know... I so hate it when I can't tell my customers what they are buying...I promise myself not to make the same mistake again! ;D

Taking about mistakes, I already told you about the huge mess I created by deleting all the blog photo albums I had synchronized with Picasa & stored on my smartphone. But I didn't know how bigger - much bigger - problem it would be to go back to older posts and to find all the relevant images. Since I didn't always give names to the pieces I beaded (I usually feel reluctant when it comes to naming my works, but I'll leave that subject for another post), and since in my early posts I didn't write much or described the pieces ("my new bracelet" doesn't tell much, does it?), there were posts that I just had to guess which was the piece that belong to it, based on the date. In some other cases I had to leave that ugly exclamation mark that replaces the missing images, simply because I couldn't figure out what images I was looking for. I restored most of the images by now, but I wouldn't be surprised if I find two different posts from totally different dates showing the same "New Work" images. Now see the title name of this post? and how descriptive is this post? Lesson learned! :-)

And on a HAPPIER NOTE -- I have received some exciting news regarding my beading work, but I can't tell you yet about it. I have to wait until they are ready to announce...Yes, I know, I am a bad teaser... ;D And it's almost 4 in the morning. Bed time!


  1. Very pretty earrings!!! Beautiful necklace!!!!

  2. Lovely necklace! I can't see the gemstone exactly in your photos, but it looks like a sodalite to me (sodalite is blue and not shiny at all-it feels kind of matte and silky when you touch it, if you get what I mean)

  3. Elegant works, beautiful colors :)
    -Eva Maria

  4. Precioso!!! el colorido me gusta mucho!!!
    Un saludo.

  5. I´m so sorry to read that you have lost the images of the posts. It must be a big trouble to find out which picture belongs to the right post.
    I think that the gemstone could be sodalita. Its looks like lapis lasuli but it´s not the same.

  6. Wonderful, i like your style and your beadwork.
    Greetings Manouscha

  7. Loving the earrings especially! So delicate and beautiful. So sorry to hear you are still struggling with the Picasa deletion. That must be so depressing! And can't wait to see this wonderful thing you are hinting at!!!

  8. Thank you all so much!

    Laura & Lola - thank you for your input! My stone looks exactly like you described sodalite. I Googled for images of the stone and now I am pretty sure it is sodalite. Thanks!

    Marsha - thank you! I hope I will be able to share the news soon :)